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Jolie Steers

San Clemente, CA, US
Ready to take the next step and follow your dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur? I am an experienced Certified Coach and I can help! For over 15 years, I have had the pleasure of helping people discover their path, purpose, and work they love to do. My mission is to challenge and empower YOU to create a world class business. A business that is perfectly suited to your strengths, desires and needs. Best of all, a career that is fun, profitable, and makes life worth living. As a career and business coach with a background in cognitive psychology, I help aspiring entrepreneurs reach career success by mastering the mechanics and the mindset of becoming an entrepreneur. We focus on the Mechanics (the nuts and bolts, tools, and strategies) for launching a business and developing an entrepreneurial Mindset (how you think and feel) which influences the actions you take. I have found that clients achieve greater results by focusing on both areas as they build their business. As your coach, I will help you break down the entrepreneurial process into manageable steps as you take consistent action towards your goals. Together we will: * Take a deep dive into who you are and what you are meant to be doing (a key to uncovering your passion and purpose). * Identify your blind spots that get in the way of the results you want to achieve. * Sharpen your skills in leadership, communication, networking, and business building strategies. * Develop your personal brand and identify effective marketing strategies based on your target market. * Increase your skills in time management and performance improvement. * Learn tools to reduce stress and increase productivity. "Wow! What a turnaround. Eleven months after being laid off from a high power, high paying job I launched my own business from my home to meet my new more balanced life goals. I shared the wild ride down a white water river of emotions and midlife analysis with my coach, Jolie Steers. I am pretty sure that without Jolie coaching me with rowing technique and navigation along my wild ride, I may have spilled out of the raft a couple of times, if not headed over the falls. Jolie has been a tremendous guide, firmly and gently assisting me to come to know my true inner desires and build a life that puts my family and career in symbiotic harmony. Whether you are in a great place in your life and can simply use some reminders of your bounty or you are trying to hang on to the white water raft as was I, Jolie Steers helps you to get rock solid results. She is savvy, smart, and a truly powerful life consultant! " Leslie Simons, Small Business Owner (Seattle, WA) Jolie Steers, MA, BCC, CCMC is a Board Certified Coach, Certified Career Management Coach, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She holds a BA in Psychology from UCLA and a Master's degree from Pepperdine University. Jolie is a Member of The International Coach Federation. In Jolie's free time she can be found playing at the beach, relaxing at her favorite coffee house, paddleboarding, hiking, doing yoga, dancing, and enjoying moments with her husband, two kids, and one zany golden retriever. Schedule a coaching session with Jolie to reach and exceed your business goals today!

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