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Jeremy Hyde

Concord, NC, US
Leadership is all about reaching one's potential. There are many paths that one can take to reach that potential. Many times, the potential we have is already inside of us, we need someone to ask the right question! I bring 20 years of leadership in faith and non-profit organizational settings having been in various levels of leadership from the ground-up, transition, and change. I would be honored to journey with you into new seasons of opportunity and growth! I have additionally had the opportunity to work with people experiencing difficult life transitions from the death of loved one, marital breakdown, and re-careering. Life is a journey, we all come through transition stronger and healthier when we are open to others sharing in the journey with us.

Courses Offered

There are no courses offered by this Expert.

Blog Posts

The Loudest Silence

The Loudest Silence As leaders, there is always noise. People who want your input, your opinion, your decision, your ideas, your thoughts. It comes from so many different directions and what can seem like an unrelenting pace – text messaging and email only exacerbates this! And then there is world noise. What I mean by …Read More about The Loudest Silence