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Jane Golden

Dallas, Texas, US
Jane Golden is an Executive Coach, Mentor and Consultant who works with high potential executives, professionals and teams in organizations seeking optimal leadership and performance as an integral part of their strategic performance improvement, decision making and leader development. As a results focused coach, she partners with her clients to facilitate insights and actions for meeting goals aligning with company strategies, in order to deliver improved performance, more effective leadership, and optimal career management. Jane has successfully worked with individuals and groups in many large corporate environments for outstanding measurable results. Jane's expertise and insight into people and organizations is reinforced by her unique combination of hands-on business experience at senior and executive levels. She has functioned as a senior leader in organizational transitions where her leadership made significant impact on her organizations meeting strategic goals. Her expertise in the executive search industry gives her a unique background for organizations wishing to develop and retain the best talent. She is known as the career go to person by her clients as she maintains trusted advisor status spanning in some cases, over 25 years. Jane has extensive business, human resource and talent management experience. She began her career as an HR generalist with a major corporation (Sun Oil), transitioning to the IT recruiting and staffing industry in 1989. From there she went on to executive leadership in a national IT consulting organization (Triad Data, Inc.) where she strategically planned, implemented, and managed many initiatives for performance improvement, organizational effectiveness, and talent management. Jane has been a certified executive coach since 2006. She has coached countless individuals in corporations, helping them to facilitate better decisions, improved communications and performance, leadership development and overall career enhancement. She is a Chair for Vistage International, where she facilitates peer mentoring boards for C-level executives, and is also on the coaching staff in the Executive MBA program at University of Texas at Dallas. Her coaching model begins with discovery, both inner core and external competencies, through assessments and 360 feedback; smart goal planning, implementation and accountability for goals and continued follow up. Jane holds advanced degrees from Southern Methodist University and Birmingham Southern College. She is a certified Executive and Professional Coach through UTD SOM, as well as the International Coach Federation. She is a certified Master Coach through John Mattone University, using the Intelligent Leader coaching model. She has been active in many professional organizations, including the International Coach Federation, American Society for Training & Development, National Association of Women Business Owners, and the Society of Human Resource Management.

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