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Heidi King

Mission Viejo, CA, US
Heidi is passionate about coaching leaders from across the globe to get clear, get focused and take action to make an impactand live their legacy. Clients who work with her are interested in being transformed, from the inside outby aligning their purpose and passion to be their bestwith joy. Whether you are jumpstarting your vision or business plan, supercharging your teams performance, or strategizing for bold breakthroughs, Heidi is your trusted coach partner. As an entrepreneur and owner of 2 businesses with over 7 years coaching, along with 20+ years of experience in for-profit, non-profit and government, she has a special talent for inspiring others to fully tap into their faith, fire, and focus to step into action, ignite their performance, and achieve amazing and consistent results. Legacy Leaders develop and invest in others to live their legacy today! Heidi partners with executives, emerging and aspiring leaders to live their legacy, not just leave it. Legacy Leaders discover who they are and what they know, then turn it into what they do. Having spearheaded large scale organization change initiatives that influenced leaders and empowered high-performing teams, Heidi has been instrumental in transforming lives in the healthcare sector, government, and other high-risk, high-stakes industries during challenging times. Her experiences have shaped her coach approach with clients globally, especially by leading self and others to improve communication and achieve winning results with measurable success. Heidi is a recognized speaker, trusted collaborator, Professional Certified Coach and Founding Exoteric Coach, co-author of 50+ publications, assistant professor, and national award-winner for inspiring and leading change. Heidi and her husband reside in Southern California, recently relocating to be close to their grandchildren. Heidi served as a Peace Corps volunteer and is an island girl at heart. Heidi is ready to be your coach! Are you ready to invest, improve, and impact you, your team, and your business?

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