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Greg Rogers

Greenville, North Carolina, US
I sought a coach for the same reason you are probably considering that option right now. I felt stuck between where things were and where I wanted them to be. Through powerful questioning and listening, my coach helped me to identify possibilities, make shifts, and take actions that moved me toward my desired outcomes. As an Associate Certified Coach, I have walked that same journey with individuals and teams in the business, educational, medical, nonprofit, and ministry world for the past seven years, helping them to create new visions and achieve their personal and professional goals. As a senior pastor at the same congregation for 34 years, and in church and community leadership for over 40 years, I have provided coaching to assist persons in identifying and solving personal and professional challenges and learning gaps. I have leveraged my experience of integrating the financial management of nonprofits and faith communities with issues of life, family, and faith balance to guide clients toward their goals and objectives. Our church acquired an adjacent 112 unit apartment complex in 2007 as a strategic asset to fulfill our mission. Lacking the clarity we all desired for its best use, we embarked on a coaching process to develop an innovative model that now provides affordable housing for low income individuals and families, a free medical clinic, tutoring, literacy, addictions recovery and ESL programs for community residents, and an outreach to unsheltered homeless persons. We have also managed growth by constructing new facilities and purchasing property totaling nearly $10 million, which houses these entrepreneurial efforts. I understand what it is like to cover all the bases of a new business or nonprofit startup, including selfcare and taking steps to minimize personal, family and other relationship stressors. I would welcome serving as a thought partner with you along this new coaching journey. Let's explore how I can assist you in developing a comprehensive strategy for your next personal or professional challenge. As I discovered, whatever the rut in the road, you don't have to stay stuck forever.

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