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Gloria Manchester

Sacramento, CA, US
If you want to experience success in the YouEconomy, Gloria is the coach to lead you there. She is a certified lifestyle and prosperity business coach, sales trainer, and dedicated entrepreneur. She has started several businesses and successfully sold two of them when she started coaching. She is President of Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP) and the creator of Prosperity IQ (P-IQ). She has marketed, facilitated, and coached professional and personal development for thousands of clients over25 years. Gloria is also a bestselling author and speaker. Her mission is to boldly inspire and energize entrepreneurs and teams to reach their full potential and lead in the development of a "Playing to Win" culture in their lives and within their business ventures. Gloria developed and facilitates a program called Partner in Excellence (PIE) Life and Leadership Course for women and Partners in Excellence, a Partnering and Team-Building Course for entrepreneurs. For many years, Gloria has been committed to the prevention of child abuse and is the co-founder and President of CARTE-Child Abuse Resolved through Education, a 501c3 nonprofit organization since 1990. She co-developed, and still facilitates the STARR Life and Leadership Course for at-risk teen girls. Gloria has two grown children who are both thriving in their respective professions and the proud grandmother (GG) of three grandsons and one granddaughter. Check out Gloria's blog, books, and dynamic Course called, My New Prosperity Story: An accelerated communication and sales course for entrepreneurs and coaches to achieve winning results.

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What’s the Fastest way to Mentally and Physically Relax?

What do you Think is the Fastest way to Mentally and Physically Relax? Most people will say “take several deep breaths,” but brain studies show that this actually increase mental stress and physical tension.  It wakes up your circuits of perception to pay more attention and tightens muscles in preparation to take action.  So deep breathing is …Read More about What’s the Fastest way to Mentally and Physically Relax?

Hidden in the Wings

  Hidden In The Wings There once lived a patron of the arts. To indulge his fondness for small song birds, he commissioned a local artist for a drawing of a canary. His only request was that the finished work should be unique and impressive. Humbly, the artist accepted the job and asked that the …Read More about Hidden in the Wings

America’s Loneliest Workers

America’s Loneliest Workers, According to Research Harvard Business Review, Shawn Achor, Gabriella Rosen Kellerman, Andrew Reece, and Alexi Robichaux March 19, 2018 A hundred fifty years ago, poet Emily Dickinson described loneliness as “the horror not to be surveyed, but skirted in the dark.” Had she been running a modern company, she might have felt …Read More about America’s Loneliest Workers

How Anger Affects the Brain and Body

How Anger Affects the Brain and Body [Infographic – Part 2] BY RUTH BUCZYNSKI, PHD 27 COMMENTS At the first spark of anger, good judgment often goes out the window. Many clients say and do things they later regret. They might even lose track of what they actually wanted to say during an argument. So why is …Read More about How Anger Affects the Brain and Body

Are YOU a Courageous Marketer? 10 Steps to Test Yourself!

Are you a courageous marketer? What would it take from you to test your courage, take a risk? Are you willing to make a mistake and learn from it, do it much better the next time? Courage isn’t being fearless in the face of challenge. It is trusting the inherent strength within you to meet …Read More about Are YOU a Courageous Marketer? 10 Steps to Test Yourself!

Coaching the GIG Players!

If you have an idea that you believe has potential, there has never been a more opportune time to get it started. In 2017, 15.8% of Americans were employed doing alternative work and a great number of these are part of the “gig” economy. Let your ideas flow!  According to an article in Innovation Magazine,  …Read More about Coaching the GIG Players!

Reboot Your Gut-Your Health-Your Life!

Do you know what chemicals you’re putting in your body each day? I believe in living prosperity-minded, mind, body and spirit. Part of growing in my personal development was to explore what food I am consuming that can destroy my GUT. My GUT is my 6th brain.  If you find yourself with some belly fat, …Read More about Reboot Your Gut-Your Health-Your Life!

WHY Business Coaching is Booming

The business of business coaching is currently gaining tremendous traction. Entrepreneurs as well as established business owners are steadily growing in their demand to learn how to make their companies considerably more successful. The idea of achieving 10X growth has become a mantra in many circles. It is very telling that demand for exceptional business coaching services …Read More about WHY Business Coaching is Booming

Living with Prosperity: Relationally, Financially, Physically, and Spiritually? Why not you?

  Change your Story-Change your Life. Every one of us has a story to tell. The question to ask ourselves, “Is my current story working to get me what I want and need in my life today?” When we stop buying our own limiting beliefs/stories, is the point at which we open up to new …Read More about Living with Prosperity: Relationally, Financially, Physically, and Spiritually? Why not you?

From Sabotage to Success

Is your mind working against you? Sabotage is when you subvert your goal or intention by unconsciously doing the opposite of what you say you want. Here are 5 steps to reversing the damage: Step 1:  Do some journaling on the negative self-talk going on in your unconscious mind. Bring it to the surface by …Read More about From Sabotage to Success

Thinking Outside the Box!

I was in my first Mastermind Group about 30 years ago. In those new age days of spiritual self-awareness, it was the natural next step after completing transformational seminars. I fell in love with the whole process! This year, I decided I wanted to share this ground-breaking synergistic approach to self-development with entrepreneurs and coaches. Although …Read More about Thinking Outside the Box!

Playing to Win Vs Playing Not to Lose

Leadership Education Action Programs (LEAP) Playing to Win Recalibration Chart Here’s the value of using this chart to recalibrate. All of us get discouraged and frustrated at times. When we’re in that negative state of mind, we hijack our lower brain (amygdala). We don’t think clearly. When stressed, we go into one of the 4 …Read More about Playing to Win Vs Playing Not to Lose

The Heart in Forgiveness

Rethinking Forgiveness “Forgiveness is not a single act of courage, but an ongoing act of grace. ” – Rosalie Gibbons, MFT This quote describes how we must be open to forgiveness … moment by moment. Life is all about relationships. Few of us get through life untouched by some degree of conflict, disappointment, hurt, regret, …Read More about The Heart in Forgiveness

Rethinking My Attitude of Gratitude

In coaching, I often have my clients text me a daily gratitude list (2-3) for the first couple of weeks. Then, I recommend they find a gratitude buddy, somebody they trust and respect, to share and exchange a minimum of one new grateful item each day. Interestingly, most people experience a very strong urge to …Read More about Rethinking My Attitude of Gratitude

Are you a survivor, recognizer, or thriver?

As a lifestyle and prosperity coach, I have worked with many entrepreneurs and coaches who were struggling to make money in their business or in transitioning their careers. Prosperity coaching is about encouraging, developing, and strategizing with clients, to thrive in all areas of life. Though in my coaching practice I have often use assessments …Read More about Are you a survivor, recognizer, or thriver?

Am I Enough?

Am I Enough?
“Mind is consciousness that has adopted limitations. You were created to be unlimited. Later in life, you take on the limitations developed in your mind.” – Excerpt from Ramana Maharshi

7 Steps to Recapturing Momentum

There are three things for certain in life. We are either growing, plateauing, or declining.  Think of your career and finances, marriage or relationship,  parenting, friendships, getting healthier, both physically and spiritually, or any project you’ve embarked on.  On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being best, where would you rate your progress and …Read More about 7 Steps to Recapturing Momentum