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Gerald Wilson PhD

Carlsbad, CA, US
I help business owners who are doing well, but also know that they can achieve things well beyond where they are at now! The three things you need to do right to make your business grow: know your customers, build the right team, and have a system. If it is that simple, why do small business owners find it so difficult to accomplish? I do this through a very structured process that is highly successful. It is developed in part from the teaching and best practices of some of the worlds best business & personal development experts that include Brian Tracy...and in part by my 30 years of experience in business creation and development. The process is custom designed and focused on your specific needs. Working together we will improve your productivity; when we can do that usually we will increase your profitability and if we do our job youll achieve a renewed quality of life. Working together we will GET RESULTS. Every business is different, because every business reflects the unique capabilities and values of the ownersfounders. Yet most businesses suffer similar growing pains. I analyze these pains, similar to an MD analyzing physical pain and symptoms, using a proven set of tools. These tools help to provide a diagnosis of the root causes of the business' pains. Then I use my experience together with proven methods to tailor a plan, one based on the individual diagnosis, to achieve the results you crave faster than you can do it on your own.

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