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Eric Goldman

Glen Ridge, New Jersey, US
Before becoming a professional certified coach, Eric had a 25-year long career as an entertainment and technology lawyer. Erics clients were mostly entrepreneurs creating their own jobs or entertainment industry freelancers moving from gig to gig. During his career Eric has helped Academy, Emmy, Grammy and Tony Award winners thrive by teaching them to apply basic business principles to their unique careers. Eric has also helped technology ventures such as and Broadway HD both establish themselves and expand into new business areas. Erics clients have generated billions of dollars worldwide. When companies started to turn to freelancers for work that used to be done by employees, Eric began to use his experience to teach basic survival skills to people just starting out as freelancers. Erics approach is based on certain fundamental principles: 1 The industrial age is over, and employment as we have known it is a thing of the past. 2 We live in an economy where job security is an oxymoron and income security is the new goal. 3 Moving forward we will all be responsible for creating our own revenue generating opportunities. 4 The core skills necessary for success in this new economy are the abilities to collaborate, improvise and adapt to change. If you are just starting out as a freelancer, or have been freelancing for a while but just cant seem to generate enough income, Eric can be a great resource. His coaching clients tell him they feel invigorated and excited after their sessions. In addition to counseling clients one-on-one, Eric regularly teaches a course on gig economy basics. Through this course, people learn to embrace the income security mindset necessary to succeed financially without a job. That course, The Income Security Mindset, will soon be available as a video course on the Exoteric platform. In addition, Eric teaches seminars on more advanced concepts: 1. Integrity as a Personal Brand. In the gig economy, people want to know the people with whom they do business. So, a key to success is showing up as your authentic self in every business transaction and staying true to your personal values. Yes, this means that you wont appeal to all people everywhere, but the people who share your values will seek you out. Conducting business with integrity is the key to finding loyal customers and clients who will be happy to pay you. 2. The Business of Healing. People starting businesses in the healing professions such as massage, reiki, shamanic healing are long on training as healers but short on knowledge of business basics. Eric teaches these people to focus on three levels of healing: (i) Healing their clients; (ii) healing themselves by being financially responsible and providing for their own needs; and (iii) healing the world by running their businesses with integrity and encouraging others to do the same. Eric also practices what he preaches. He left his law firm job in 2010 and has never looked back. He runs his own legal and coaching practice, and has learned to use gig economy tools such as Upwork and virtual law firms to succeed financially. Eric is frequently invited to speak at public events, and teaches regularly. Eric is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and The New York University School of Law. He earned his professional certified coach. certification through CoachVille, an ICF accredited school. All services provided by Eric S. Goldman LLC.

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