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Dana Sutton

Ona, West Virginia, US
I've really been a coach my whole adult life, first as a pastor working with congregations and then college students, inviting them to look at big picture possibilities, to discover their own resources, and offering unquestioned support and acceptance. Coaching young athletes to play soccer meant providing a framework within which they could explore movement, learn to rely on others, and experience the joy of the game. And as a parent, my goal was to give my sons the skills to draw their own maps for their lives, but not to plan the journey for them. Once friends helped me see what I truly was, I finally got trained and officially certified as a life coach in 2014.  I have a deep appreciation for my own playful spirit, and love helping clients find or recover joy in any stage of their journey. Entrepreneurs who want to enjoy life even as they work hard to build their business will find me a great source of support. As your coach, I will: * Create gracious space for you where my own intuition, compassion, enthusiasm, curiosity, playfulness, and humor meet yours.   * Help you increase selfawareness in order to unlock your full potential for success and joy.  * Honor your intelligence, but look for ways to keep you out of your thoughtloops.  * Wholeheartedly nurture your desire to contribute to the greater good. * Be attentive to your spiritual gifts, and encourage practices to strengthen them

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