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Crystal Nett

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CA
Are you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain where to start? Or are you comfortable, possibly too comfortable, and not achieving the success you envisioned? Is your business strategy failing you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help you. Guiding you to discover your most fulfilling and successful pathways is my passion as an accredited professional coach. We will work together to determine what is blocking your own brilliance. I will use my extensive C-suite, business, strategy and coaching experience to support your journey. I firmly believe that with the right mindset and hard work, anything is possible. I have worked extensively with executives, managers, front-line employees, teams and entrepreneurs, having experienced these roles myself. I have coached in the leadership, management, career, business and entrepreneurship arenas and have achieved the highest positions in a variety of organizations including AVP Strategy, Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer and Board Chair. Here are just two examples of satisfied clients: "Crystal's coaching style is remarkable and I immediately felt a deep connection to her that allowed me to feel safe in some vulnerable conversations. Her personality is authentic, generously compassionate, and deeply supportive. Her expertise in coaching is only enhanced by her years of experience as an executive within the corporate world and she will bring great value to any client trying to achieve results in their life, business and career. She intuitively knew how to ask the most powerful questions and then gave me the space and time to patiently search for the answers deep within myself. She challenged me to explore my options and then nudged me into action. I am grateful for the masterful coaching and profound results I received by working with Crystal. She is a dynamic and caring coach and I highly recommend Crystal to anyone wanting results in their life, business and career!" G.E., HR Business Partner "Before I started receiving coaching sessions from Crystal, I struggled daily with my new business. I had a general idea of my long term vision but had no idea how to get there! From the very beginning of working with Crystal, I have felt seen, understood and valuable. Drawing on her tremendous experience and compassion, Crystal creates a generous space in which I am entirely free to be myself. I leave our sessions feeling grounded, highly energized and with clear action steps; as a result, in a few short months, I have achieved goals that would have taken me MUCH longer to accomplish on my own! Thank you, Crystal! You've turned my tears and fears into confidence and results!" P.A., Business Owner

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