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Paul DeCunzo

Sunland, CA, US
Coach Paul loves to engage and guide others with customized support to maximize and embrace their potential. He is founder of his Kelly SWAG Academy-School of Engagement and Collaboration serving us, so we can serve others. Coach Paul developed over 26-years as a college science teacher and championship golf coach. While pursuing a Masters in Science Education, Coach Paul bloomed into an educational pioneer promoting methods and strategies to boost student and teacher "engagement." As a Certified Strategic Strengths Coach with People Acuity, Inc., Paul is a highly-prized "edutainer" and coach; sharing his expertise with all "frustrated achievers." Coach Paul's first products are the 5-Minute Purpose Clarifying Activity, Purposeful Business Cards, and Differentiated Education Planning. Coach Paul serves us, so we can serve others and has an "extremely sliding scale." Coach Paul is in your corner! Top 10 Strengths: Developer, Consistency, Positivity, Learner, Adaptability, WOO, Strategic, Empathy, Communication, and Connectedness. Note: Clients who experience Strengths Strategy Coaching, on average, see these kinds of results: *Productivity is 43% higher1 *Individual performance is 36.4% higher2 *Six times higher engagement at work 3 *High teamwork and interdependence--in fact, theyll be 83% more likely to be part of a high performing team.4 Eight Characteristics of Highly Effective Leaders (Stephen Covey, 2012) 1) Continually learning and developing new skills 2) Practice self-renewal--physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 3) Synergistic: Improving any situation they get into. 4) See life as an adventure. 5) Lead balanced lives, not workaholics. 6) Believe in other people and create a climate for growth. 7) Positive, energetic, and optimistic. 8) Service-oriented--see life as a mission, not a career.

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