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Caroline Minto

London, N/A, GB
"Caroline's gift lies in her ability to help clients confront challenges that need to be tackled and enable them to resolve their issues with commitment and energy." From an initial intake session, to assess our suitability to work together, I will ask a client to complete a short form of questions. Suddenly the work has begun! These answers are very useful for me but the initial impact is that the client has already begun to breach the dam and open the flood gates; a dam that may have taken otter-like industry to build over years, suddenly slips away into the flow! I like to work with clients who are facing great challenges and merely need firm and professional support, to resolve or come to terms with issues using their own strengths and abilities. Teaching character and behavior, 'Understanding Ourselves and Others' using The PeopleMap System, means the client immediately has the greatest tool not only for the addressing of current issues, but for embracing life and the future with determination, calm intention, and success.

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