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Andrea Meier PhD PCC

Boulder, Colorado, US
Are You Caught in the "Lonely Entrepreneur Trap"? Being an entrepreneur is exciting because you are your own boss, but as you work on your business you may find yourself missing the corporate world where you had a boss. Successful entrepreneurs strongly recommend getting expert support for your efforts. I have been in practice for 9 years, helping clients find satisfaction and sustained well being as they achieve their life goals. As your coach, I can help you escape the Entrepreneurs Loneliness Trap. When you work with me in coaching you will get expert support for your business growth and overall wellbeing. I can be: - Your personal trainer to empower you to achieve your goals. - Your guide for sustaining your physical health and emotional well being as you invest your energies in achieving success. - Your sounding board when you need to make tough choices. - Your mentor in polishing your communication & life skills. - Your co-designer when you are creating an extraordinary project.
 - Your mentor who helps you determine when you need to acquire new skills, or recruit resources and expertise from outside your business. - Your source of unconditional support when you take a hit
. - Your source of motivation when strong actions are called for. 
 - Your guide to ensure that you settle for nothing but the best. 

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Blog Posts

How Can I Energize My Entrepreneur’s Mindset? Think Gratitude

Of all the aspects of the PERMA model of flourishing that I described in my first post, the easiest to grasp is positive emotions.(AKA “Positivity ).You’d be surprised about how many kinds of positive emotions there are!. (Read more about the Top 10 Positive Emotions.) I’ll be writing about them in future posts and how …Read More about How Can I Energize My Entrepreneur’s Mindset? Think Gratitude

Flourishing While You Grow Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you must have vision of what you want to achieve and a strong commitment to your purpose. You must also be willing to invest your energy and resources to achieve your goals.

It’s easy to envision all the ways that your life can be great when you achieve your business goals. The challenge is to nurture your physical and psychological wellbeing so you can sustain your momentum as you progress down your path of business growth. So what’s an entrepreneur to do?

Positive psychologists have identified five essential factors that contribute to lasting wellbeing: positive emotions (P), engagement (E) in activities, positive relationships (R), a belief that life has meaning (M), and accomplishment (A). (This is referred to as the PERMA model.)

THIS first post will introduce you to these PERMA factors and ways that they are important for entrepreneurial success. In future posts, we will go deeper in different aspects of this model and how I apply these ideas my work with my coaching clients to energize their efforts and sustain their overall wellbeing.