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Andrea Meier PhD PCC

Boulder, Colorado, US
Welcome to Flourish! Personal Coaching You know you are smart, creative and capable. You have dreams of living an abundant life and to make a difference in the world. But somehow you often feel uncertain about the best strategies to use or get thrown off course by competing commitments. Does this sound like you? THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT TO GET UNSTUCK. YOU CAN REGAIN YOUR MOMENTUM & ACCELERATE YOUR PROGRESS TO ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS. Working with a personal coach can help you succeed by helping you clarify what's important to you, what it is you want out of life, and how to get it. WORKING WITH ME, MY CLIENTS BUILD ON THEIR STRENGTHS TO PERFECT THE SKILLS THEY NEED TO FLOURISH IN KEY AREAS OF LIFE: HEALTH, WORKLIFE BALANCE, & PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. While I love working with all kinds of people in coaching, I specialize in helping my clients achieve with four types of goals: * OPTIMAL WELLBEING: Healthy sleep, eating, active lifestyles--and, where needed, managing chronic health problems * SUCCESSFUL CAREER TRANSITIONS: Stress resilience, worklife balance, job satisfaction and professional achievement * MOMENTUM ENTREPRENEUR SUCCESS: Psychological strengths and values assessment, create a vision for your success, strategic planning and implementation, sustaining motivation, stress resilience, problem solving, accountability *PhD COMPLETION AND BEYOND: Fortify your motivation and focus to accelerate your doctoral program completion, and post-doctoral professional career development ADULT ADHD SUCCESS: Enhanced stress resilience, organization, focus and productivity. AS YOUR COACH, MY JOB IS TO BE YOUR ALLY, PARTNERING WITH YOU AS YOU: * envision an attractive and compelling future that calls forth your best efforts * develop a mindset that values incremental progress so you can avoid the traps of perfectionism and procrastination * identify your psychological strengths and inspire your creativity * design strategies to deploy your strengths effectively under changing conditions; * stay focused on your goals * be accountable to yourself and others, insuring that you get into action on the steps you need to take to succeed * find champions to support vision and your efforts, and * celebrate your successes. WORKING WITH A COACH IS ENJOYABLE, ENERGIZING --AND PRODUCTIVE! INTRIGUED? LET'S TALK!

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Blog Posts

Flourishing While You Grow Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you must have vision of what you want to achieve and a strong commitment to your purpose. You must also be willing to invest your energy and resources to achieve your goals.

It’s easy to envision all the ways that your life can be great when you achieve your business goals. The challenge is to nurture your physical and psychological wellbeing so you can sustain your momentum as you progress down your path of business growth. So what’s an entrepreneur to do?

Positive psychologists have identified five essential factors that contribute to lasting wellbeing: positive emotions (P), engagement (E) in activities, positive relationships (R), a belief that life has meaning (M), and accomplishment (A). (This is referred to as the PERMA model.)

THIS first post will introduce you to these PERMA factors and ways that they are important for entrepreneurial success. In future posts, we will go deeper in different aspects of this model and how I apply these ideas my work with my coaching clients to energize their efforts and sustain their overall wellbeing.

How Can I Energize My Entrepreneur’s Mindset? Think Gratitude

Of all the aspects of the PERMA model of flourishing that I described in my first post, the easiest to grasp is positive emotions.(AKA “Positivity ).You’d be surprised about how many kinds of positive emotions there are!. (Read more about the Top 10 Positive Emotions.) I’ll be writing about them in future posts and how …Read More about How Can I Energize My Entrepreneur’s Mindset? Think Gratitude