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Amy Reichlin

Boulder, CO, US
Amy Reichlin is a certified coach, trainer and strategist with over 22 years of experience in a wide range of settings (technology, consumer products, healthcare and education). Her areas of expertise are in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness. Amy has an MBA from Kellogg, Masters in Psychology from Naropa University, Coaching Certificate from ChoicePoint Consulting, and recently completed the Search Inside Yourself ENGAGE program, a mindfulness and emotional intelligence program offered by a subsidiary of Google. She is a mentor at several startup accelerators in Boulder such as Techstars, Merge Lane, and Travelport. At the heart of everything Amy does is her optimistic mindset, creativity and stubborn desire for people to be happy both professionally and personally. Her gift is to listen and sense quickly what is needed for people and places to move out of stuck and into the sweet spot from with the best ideas, collaboration and results flow.

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