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Alan Shaw

Holly Springs, NC, US
Leadership is as much knowing yourself as it is your team. Using high performance pattern coaching, I can help provide clarity to what makes you uniquely successful. Additionally, the Path4 and Path6 behavior assessments are excellent tools for interviewing, leadership development and team building. These tools can help with members of your team as well. I currently work with members of the Special Operations community on culture and leadership transformation and would love to work with your team. Let's get started!

Courses Offered

There are no courses offered by this Expert.

Blog Posts

Unless Otherwise Directed…

I’ve taken several behavior assessments and honestly, there haven’t been any surprise results. Don’t get me wrong. I highly recommend them and will share my favorite with you. But assessments can only raise your self-awareness. It’s still up to you to act. For example, I know that my natural tendency is to seek out the …Read More about Unless Otherwise Directed…

Bearing the Scars

I took this picture knowing I’d use it for a blog but wasn’t sure what the topic would be so I asked someone what words came to mind when they saw the picture.  The reply was completely unexpected:  “sometimes the brokenness in your life doesn’t completely go away”.  We had just finished walking on the …Read More about Bearing the Scars

You don’t have time NOT to be coached!

Our fast paced lifestyle leaves little room for “extra” events. My wife and I often joke, “If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t exist.”  We run our lives from an electronic visualization of time and anything not making the cut of color coded blocks usually doesn’t get done, at least not without some consternation …Read More about You don’t have time NOT to be coached!

Love Yourself as Your Neighbor

I was talking with a colleague several weeks ago about modifying our training curriculum while maintaining a focus on self-awareness. It was about that time that he said we should “love ourselves as our neighbors“. I paused thinking he meant to say we should “love our neighbor as ourselves” but he said the commandment to …Read More about Love Yourself as Your Neighbor