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Mark Thomas

Business Coach

Susie Young

Life & Financial Coach

Edward Hammett

Leadership Coach

Ildikó Oravecz (Ildi)

Team Building Expert & Coach

Gale O’Brien

Business and Health/Wellness Coach

Dawnn Hills

Sales Consultant

Terri Hase

Success Coach

Dr. Patricia Neff

Parenting Coach

Laura Atwood

Entrepreneur Success Coach

Dr. Billi Bittan

ADHD Success Coach

Michael Cheuk

Leadership Success Coach

Will Wiebe

Executive & Leadership Coach

The exclusive network of the world's most powerful coaching experts.

We are your one-stop success hub where you’ll find the largest and most experienced global community of coaches who are fiercely passionate about transforming lives one client at a time.

Whether you are trying to take your business to the next level, make a career move or improve your life, our exclusive, powerful network of friendly, world-class success coaches will help you achieve your dreams - guaranteed or your money back!

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Why Us

Our experts are the best in the industry. But that doesn’t mean they’re stuck up. In fact, one of our main selection criteria is that each expert must exude our company culture of being caring and friendly. Of the thousands of interviews we conduct, only about 5% will pass our rigorous selection process allowing them to join our exclusive and powerful network.

Here’s how our 5 step selection process works:

Step One

Candidate must be certified and meet minimum qualifications, set by accredited institutions within their specific industry. Out of 100 applicants, approximately 80 will pass.

Step Two

Candidate must first interview with one or more members of our Selection Committee. The interview covers problem-solving ability, depth of experience, language skills, friendliness, ethics, attitude, energy, education and creativity. Candidate must also demonstrate how they are the top in their industry. Of the 80 remaining applicants, approximately, 50 will pass.

Step three

Candidate must attend a secondary interview with Selection Committee. The candidate learns more about Exoteric’s standards, values, operation and company culture. The Candidate and the Selection Committee members get to ask each other questions to see if the candidate is a fit. Of the 50 remaining applicants, approximately 20 will pass

Step four

The Selection Committee will conduct a final review of the candidate’s application, which covers core topics within the candidate’s primary area of expertise. Of the 20 remaining applicants, approximately 10 will be eliminated.

Step five

Candidate must submit proof they have at least $1 million USD of Liability Insurance. Of the 10 remaining applicants, approximately 5 will pass.

Why Us?

We place the best experts into our powerful, exclusive network allowing them to transform the world, one life at a time.

We Accept Only The Best

Everyone at Toptal has a proven track record and elite industry experience. There are Toptalers from Wharton, MIT, CERN, and Google, as well as Django committers, Top 100 Rails contributors, leading global designers and art directors, professors, founders and more. We are great problem-solvers who value integrity, and top companies rely on us for their most important projects.

So you can see, our experts cannot buy their way into Exoteric - they have to earn it!

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