By: Tom Newhouse in Leadership, 9 months ago

A Shot is a poignant leadership tip from “a rifle.”  Yes, leadership coach, Tom Newhouse, uses a rifle from his farming heritage to “tell it like it is.” —­­

IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, you can achieve it!  So it has been said.  Well, I suppose.  But I imagined that I could bring down a wild buck.  No luck there:  As a mere .22 caliber, I didn’t have it in me.  But then when I imagined saving Rudy’s sheep herd from varmints, I was prepared for the day it was attacked by marauding dogs.  Yeah, I killed a couple, and got the others to running off.  I probably superseded my usual abilities in that I performed at my maximum.  Imagination prepared me,­ I think.

Let’s get going on leadership.  Without imagination, you can’t conceive of possibilities.  They might be on the edge of impossible, but with an extreme, but attainable vision, you have the basis for a passion, a goal, and, eventually, a plan.  So, dream.  Then calibrate the possibilities.  Stretch yourself with the passion, the goal, and a plan.  You are likely then on the way to something big, notable, self-fulfilling, and memorable.    

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