Shot 56: OWN IT

By: Tom Newhouse in Leadership, 10 months ago

A Shot is a poignant leadership tip from “a rifle.”  Yes, leadership coach, Tom Newhouse, uses a rifle from his farming heritage to “tell it like it is.” —­­

OWNERS vs. HIRED HELP, Hmmm.  I best tread lightly here, but I’m confident, I’ve seen a difference.  Rudy usually had good hired men, but, still, they lacked the commitment to do whatever it takes to get a job done right.  Sometimes they were less creative, less resolved, less involved.  Not Rudy:  rising 4:45 each morning, seven days a week; anticipating events and preparing in advance; using, while not abusing, his machinery; wrestling with each saved or invested dollar.  He was the owner.

There’s an old proverb from somewhere that says, “The best fertilizer is the footprint of the owner.”  Think about that, leaders.  I’ll bet, you can see the difference between owners and renters.  Which mindset/attitude will serve you best?  Which do you want from your employees?  To win, own it!  To win with others, get them to own it.

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