By: Tom Newhouse in Leadership, 1 year ago

A Shot is a poignant leadership tip from “a rifle.”  Yes, leadership coach, Tom Newhouse, uses a rifle from his farming heritage to “tell it like it is.” —­­

MAN, HAVE I GOT STORIES!  Some are long; others, short.  Some are about me; some cover others.  Generally, people like them; they live them.  They enter in and become a character in the story.  Thus, they identify.

Let’s play What if.  What if you wrote a story about yourself, but not just any story, a story about what you are in the future?  Might you identify with it?  Might you become the character?  Might you blaze a path subconsciously that you would later play out consciously?  I will bet on it!  Frame yourself; cast a vision as to who you will be.  Play it out in a variety of scenarios.  Develop a story of yourself—a story for your life.  Then dream it while living it.  Your story.  You’ll enjoy it twice.


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