By: Tom Newhouse in Leadership, 1 year ago

A Shot is a poignant leadership tip from “a rifle.”  Yes, leadership coach, Tom Newhouse, uses a rifle from his farming heritage to “tell it like it is.” —­­

RUDY SAW POSSIBILITIES EVERYWHERE.  To him there was always plenty to go around.  He shared.  He laughed.  He gave to others.  Now get this:  He and his family were quite poor…and it wasn’t because of waste.  No, farming had its downsides and constant adversity took its toll, but an abundance mindset made my marksman a winner.

I’m going to be blunt with you leaders.  If you act from a scarcity mindset, you will be depressed and bitter.  Your organization will be staid and stressed.  Think from an abundance point of view: plenty for all, win-win relationships, opportunities if you look for or make them.  Sure, you have to be circumspect and realistic, but beginning with the idea that the “pie can be bigger” rather than “scrapping for every slice” enables you to find a way and empowers you to enjoy the process.  You win. 

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