5 Steps To Clear The Emotional Baggage That’s Dragging You Down

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11719Have you seen the new show on Netflix, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo?

My husband was thrilled when I started watching it (okay, binge watching it) because he had been trying to get me to read her book, Spark of Joy, for the past few years. I admit I was so resistant!

Most of us have some sort of regular “spring cleaning” practice…be it garage sales, cleaning our rooms, yards, wallets, cars, purses, tossing out old food from the refrigerator or letting go of clothes that no longer fit us. We even detox our bodies, but how many of us clear our emotions?

Since we can’t physically see our emotions they are often over looked and disregarded. However, emotional health interacts directly with your physical health and wellbeing. Research shows emotions get trapped in your body and can have detrimental physical manifestations such as pain and illness.

Imagine the hundreds of emotions we experience each day. They are made of energy and impact our physical and mental functioning. And sometimes they get stuck. If our system is low functioning because we are sick, have a high toxic load, are overwhelmed, over worked, distressed, sad, grieving or angry, then and our body is unable to process the emotions and so they get stuck in the physical body.

They can also get stuck if we are isolated, don’t allow ourselves to feel our emotions or don’t have the coping skills to navigate the situation. It is no ones fault when emotions get trapped. It is a natural occurrence that happens to individual. Just like bodies requirement movement to keep fit and all systems highly functioning, our emotional body requires regular clearing.

When emotions get trapped low vibration emotions begin to lower the vibration and function of the tissues or organs surrounding it leading to illness and/or chronic pain. Common trapped emotions include anxiety, disgust, grief, abandonment, rejection, humiliation, unworthiness, hopelessness, shame.

Trapped emotions impact all ages and individuals of all levels of health. I was moved by the two testimonials that demonstrate the wide impact of emotional clearing:

“I have had an area at the bottom left of my abdomen that has given me a lot of pain for many years ( I’m now 60). I used to describe it as about the size of a softball. No doctor has ever been able to tell me what it was. Now I know ~ it was a trapped emotion. And now it is gone! I have had no pain there whatsoever since I released that grief!!”

“A couple of days ago my 12 yr old son had a headache. We released an inherited trapped emotion of “worthless” that he received from me. He had another trapped emotion of “failure” at age 12. We also discovered he had a neck misalignment and we ran the magnet down his back 3 times. Immediately after that he said, “My headache is gone.”

As  holistic health and empowerment coach I have been integrating emotional clearing into my practice using the Emotion Code and EFT. I highly recommend reading the Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson and viewing the powerful documentary E-Motion to take a deeper dive into understanding how emotions get stored and impact the quality of our health.

What trapped emotions are you carrying? Whose emotions are you carrying that are not yours? What message your body is trying to send you?

It is safe to assume that everyone has trapped emotions. Even those that have a regular emotional clearing practice must learn regularly because we experiences thousands of emotions each week and being human we are unable to process them all. Some signs that you are ready for an emotional detox:

Recurring physical pain that won’t subside? How do you operate when overwhelmed? Do you notice a pattern of overactivity? Are you in a chronic state of stress from work, finances, children, health, relationships, the state of the world? Do you experience a hard time connecting emotionally with others or in your relationships?

There are many methods that can be used to release negative emotions. Here is a sample of what I use to help clients.

5 Steps To Clear Emotions

  1. Honor and Release! There is always a positive intention of the emotion and belief, usually to either keep you safe, loved or in belonging to others. Therefore, declaring gratitude for its positive intention in order to honor it will help your body with the process of releasing it. Using a “_____________ thank you for your positive intentions. I am ready to release you from my body now.” Repeat it throughout the day when needed. This will only help signal to your body that it is safe to let it go.
  2. Using Emotion Freed Technique or tapping. This helps rebalance our body’s energy in relationship to those events and emotions; releasing the charge from our body.
  3. Using Emotion Code technique to remove trapped emotions using muscle testing and a magnet to remove them from your body and restore the body to its optimal vibration.
  4. Breath-work. Using the 5-5-7 breath, or any other deep breathing technique, to bring your nervous system into the parasympathetic state for optimal deep healing work. When the body is in fight or flight mode it is unable to heal.
  5. Using a high quality full spectrum CBD hemp oil supplement. More and more research, now clinical trials, are coming out to demonstrate the ability of hemp oil to bring the body into hemostasis (the bliss state) and increase the bliss hormones in the body. All healing work is most effective when the body is a in the parasympathetic (rest and digest) state and is experiencing high levels os serenity and dopamine. Caution, all CBDs are not created equal. Please reach out directly to learn more about selecting a highly bioavailable hemp oil

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