Woman, Wash Your Face!

By: Andrea Matteson in #wellness, 2 years ago


I finally did it. I admitted my makeup is toxic and upgraded.

I was one of those individuals that had switched to clean organic unprocessed foods, non-toxic hair care and household cleaning products but had been avoiding even thinking about my makeup.

I told myself I don’t wear much, don’t use it daily and I wash my face each night. So it’s really probably okay.

But then one night last week I forgot to wash my face. Hey, don’t judge!

It was one of those days when the baby wakes you up at 4:45am and won’t go back to sleep and then insists on being held most of the day. Then finally around 9pm you get to sit down and realize you are so tired you can’t event make it through an episode of your current Netflix obsession.

So I went straight to bed. (I may have also neglected to brush my teeth, but I am not fessing up to that.)

The next morning I woke up with bright red eyes and swollen eyelids. Combined with the crusty smeared mascara it was a very scary sight.

Which is why when in Portland this past weekend and my preschooler inquires about a shop we are walking by and it turns out to be Echo Natural Beauty, I took it as a clear omen from the skin guardian angels and made myself walk in.

Did you know that that the FDA doesn’t require cosmetics companies to conduct safety assessments on their products? Harmful ingredients can be easily masked under confusing or deceptive titles like “fragrance.” Crazy!

Echo Natural Beauty’s owner, Jami Sherman, and team were welcoming, warm and incredibly knowledgeable. There was no pressure to purchase, just passion about natural beauty products and creating a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. As a holistic health and life transformation coach they were preaching to the choir!

The first thing clients see when meeting you, watching your webinar or giving a talk is your face. Radiating from the inside out is as much about mindset work and heart work, as it is about how are you caring for the beautiful skin and physical form that works so hard all day long to represent you and your essence.

To be clear, this isn’t a women’s issue. This is true for men and women. We all have a face and body that deserve to be honored and cared for, just as we invest in our business and our client’s success. Your face and skin is going to be with you on this journey until it comes to a close. It’s time to show it some love and invest in the natural beauty products that will help it put your most radiant face forward.

What’s one action step you can take within the next two days to up-level your skincare regimen in order to elevate your game? Share in the comments below or contact me directly to discuss other ways to bring forward the most radiant version of you. I’d love to hear from you!

Light + love,

Andréa Matteson MS CHC

Holistic Health + Lifestyle Coach

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