Elevate Your Vibration through Appreciation

By: Eden Paulazzo in mindset, 2 years ago


As I sit down to write this on this full moon, this image captures my attention, and this quote quite nicely captures my thoughts…  “My brain is only a receiver, in the universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration.  I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but know it exists.” ~Nikola Tesla

The other morning, I was reminded of the connection and vibrations of frequencies in the universe.  So often we can cruise through our days without realizing this, then some seemingly small event can bring our attention back to the symbiotic relationship we all have.

On school days, I ride bikes to school with two of my children.  Every time we take this route, I ponder which house is a friend’s house.  I am new to the neighborhood, and know a friend of a friend lives on the street we ride down each morning on the way to school, but do not know exactly which house is hers.

This particular day on my ride back after dropping off my kids, I think, I am just going to stop at the house I believe is hers, and say hi.  As I approach the house, I see a teenaged girl come out of the door, and following her, her mother.  It is their house, and on the very day, I was going to stop to see if it was her house, there she was, just as I rode by.  We said hi, I expressed my delight in finding out which house was hers, and she shared that she had walked passed mine the day previous, and thought, I should stop and say hi sometime soon.

I love when these moments happen, like when you’re thinking about someone and the phone rings, and it’s them.  These are reminders that we all are connected, and our thoughts do travel on frequencies.  They have incredible power, and we truly can create the life we want.

With the recognition of this connection, I am also reminded of the power and value of appreciating each other.  What if we took more time each day to acknowledge and appreciate those we interact with day to day, whether it is our family, friends, or the people we just briefly interact with at the store or gas station.

I invite you to participate in a brief acknowledgement/appreciation exercise with me.  Most people don’t get acknowledged enough for their efforts.  Try taking the extra moment to appreciate people you meet throughout your day.  It could be as small as a brief acknowledgment of appreciation for the person who bagged your groceries.  Go beyond just saying the cordial thank you, and say I really appreciate you doing that, saying that, being that, etc…  A gesture, a genuine acknowledgement for what they contribute.

Observe how this gesture of appreciation makes you and them feel, how you are both nourished by this interaction.   Notice it raising your vibration and theirs. The more you give, the more nourished you and everyone around you will feel. Imagine if we all collectively participated in these seemingly small gestures of appreciation daily.  How would our collective vibration raise? What impact would this have on the universe as a whole?

Health is holistic, it is a connection between, mind, body, and spirit… nourish yourself, and those around you.

In health,

Eden Paulazzo, CHC, CLC, CTC

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