Mindset Makeover: 4 Powerful Tools for Coaches and Their Clients

By: Andrea Matteson in health, 2 years ago


Jump start your mind + body transformation with a mindset makeover. Here are 4 of my favorite tools for helping clients bringing more clam, clarity and ease into their lives.

  1. “I Get…To”​

Our thoughts and words create our reality. Update “I have to…” to “I get to…”​ and create a big energetic shift in your day. It may seem simple but switching your mental frame to one of gratitude (“I get to”) will transform your daily experience and therefore your beliefs and actions.

  1. Mental Rehearsal (and repeat)

Mentally rehearse the outcome you want (more calm, confident, exercising consistently, feeling beautiful, eating for energy). What would you feel, see, hear, taste when you have it? Imagine it in great detail on a daily basis. We can trick our minds into believing ​we are in that state and then we will begin to make decisions that are congruent with our goals.

  1. Mirror Mirror On The Wall​

When was the last time you were told “You are amazing, courageous, smart, creative, generous, beautiful”? Because you are! And it’s time you start telling yourself over and over and over. Stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eyes and repeat an affirmation until you believe it.  Feel silly and uncomfortable? You are right where you need to be!

  1. Get Dirty!

When was the last time you played a game, got paint on your hands or acted silly? We all have an inner child that loves to play. Here’s the catch, if ignored she will throw a tantrum! This can look like ignoring to the to-do list, overreacting, finding great reasons to not exercise, or eating too many cookies. Sound familiar? Set aside time each week to play. This is an important, and often overlooked, pillar of mind + body health.

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Andréa Matteson MS CHC

Holistic Health + Lifestyle Coach
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