Connecting Soul to ‘Sentness’

By: Edward Hammett in soul solutions, 2 years ago


Starting and succeeding in a new business calls forth a fresh sense of one’s ‘sentness.’ A new awareness of ‘being sent,’ on a mission, fulfilling a life’s purpose is at the core of every living being. Unfortunately, many never experience the fulfillment or clarity of ‘sentness’ desired. Those who experience the fulfillment and ‘sentness’ desired to discover the way to connect their ‘soul to their sentness.’

Dreams come through one’s soul. Dreams are the breath that keeps the soul nurtured and often focused. Entrepreneurial leaders often are seeking to find and fulfill dreams, to connect and strengthen the soul. What are the paths for connecting soul to ‘sentness’? Consider these pathways…

  • Listening to heart more than head – too often new ventures causes one to think through thousands of critical issues. While thinking is wise, it can often become a trap that fuels doubt, skepticism, disbelief that can sabotage dreams. Claiming one’s ‘sentness’ and the dream has more to do with the heart.
    Listen to the heart. Discover the clues that tell you are stuck in the head, creating your own anxieties and find the path to the heart. Listen in the heart. Recapture the dream, faith, courage and clarity of ‘sentness’! Move on!
  • Acting more than resting in anxiety – Clarity of dream is one thing. Living into that dream is quite another thing. Learning to create a path to one’s heart and listening deeply to the Spirit’s move in the heart removes anxiety as it replaces anxiety with confidence, clarity and action plans. Listen deeply. Embrace your dream. Move into actions from the heart!
  • Alignment over apprehension – getting heart and head in alignment with dreams and soul strength creates a clear path of momentum to fulfilling dreams. Learning to align dreams and the longings of the soul generate fresh energy, hope which fuels dreams into realities. Follow your heart, use your mind and resources wisely as you connect ‘soul to sentness! Dreams do come true when the path is clear from heart to head and faith is engaged to position the entrepreneur into ventures of success and financial rewards.

Making soul, heart, and head connections are critical.  Very often we need to enlist and rely on others to help us maintain focus, momentum and clarity of thought and alignment of our heart/head path.  If I can be of support as a thought partner, guide and coach let me know. I love watching the dreams of other people become reality!

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