The Roller Coaster… Sugar the Not So Thrilling Ride

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The Roller Coaster Ride

Roller Coasters are thrilling, they give us an adrenaline rush that we often enjoy.  This rush is exciting, reminding us of our aliveness.

We often set ourselves on an endless roller coaster ride from our consumption of sugar that is less thrilling, and diminishes our aliveness.

There are many reasons we crave sugar, and much of the time it has nothing to do with food, but some other area of our life that is calling for our attention.

The problem lies in that we often reach for sugar as a quick fix to another unmet need, and then we are on a ride that is hard to stop.

Why do we reach for sugar to fill these voids?  Why does it feel so DANG good?

Let’s take a quick peek at what’s happening in the body when you eat sugar, and why you experience the awesome sugar high.

Products containing lots of sugar usually don’t contain lots of fiber, fat, or protein.  Fiber, fat, and protein slow down sugar absorption, so when those nutrients aren’t present, your blood sugar shoots up really fast, like to the top of a Roller Coaster.

At the top of the roller coaster, your brain is alerted.  Your brain uses about 50% of your blood sugar at any given time, so any drastic rise or fall in your blood sugar levels cause your brain to flip out.  So when your blood sugar spikes up, your brain and your body aren’t happy – to your body this is an EMERGENCY.

So, what does your body do?  Your pancreas secretes the hormone insulin to bring your blood sugar back down.

The problem is that we have spent a lifetime eating a lot of high-sugar, processed products, so insulin has gotten used to doing its job too well.

When insulin is sent out, it doesn’t just bring your blood sugar back down into balance, there’s often too much secreted, and your blood sugar dips way down.  And that’s the blood sugar CRASH you feel after the sugar high.

Now that your blood sugar has crashed, guess what your body craves when you’re down there in the middle of the crash?  MORE SUGAR! Then when we reach for more sugar in an attempt to restore balance, our blood sugar climbs UP, UP, UP – back to the top of the roller coaster.  Then the up down cycle continues.  This is one of the reasons we quite literally can’t stop and crave it constantly.

Your body is actually trying to find blood sugar balance.  The sugar craving is the body’s way of saying it needs something specific to restore this balance.  The easiest and most convenient food to restore blood sugar balance when your blood sugar is in the toilet is sugar.

However, if we keep eating sugar, we will stay on that crazy roller coaster, which affects our physical, mental, and emotional health.  Health is holistic, and if one area in our life is out of balance, it will cause an imbalance in others.

In my practice, I get really curious with my clients to uncover these cravings, and other areas in their lives where they may be seeking balance.  Together we create a custom plan tailored to the individual’s needs to get off the sugar roller coaster for good, and I provide the necessary support and accountability to make it happen.

Please contact me to schedule a free discovery session, to find out how to get you off the roller coaster, and onto the most thrilling ride of your life, a life full of energy and balance.

Eden Paulazzo, CHHC

From Ashes to Eden

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