Bearing Fruit

By: Lee Strawhun in Planning, 3 years ago

Bearing Fruit

In my garden I’m starting to bear fruit! Just today Beth and I picked beans and squash! Of course, that is the goal of planting a garden but sometimes, I have to admit, I enjoy more the preparation and seeding, and then the fruit, while good and the objective of a garden. For me the harvest isn’t the most joyful part. Is that strange? For some, probably, but for me, planning, tilling, fertilizing, planting, weeding, watching, watering is the thrill and then the harvest, the meal or the canning. Maybe that is my gifting, I have always enjoyed the “game” over the win or loss. It is the companionship that brings me joy, not only the outcome. It is the journey to the destination, the possible detour, the rest area that brings the adventure and joy. Now, let me stop your thoughts there before you get the wrong idea, can I? I do compete, I do seek to win, I eventually want to get there, I do want the best.

We are all gifted in some manner. Some of us are starters, we love to start, some of us are finishers, we love the ending, the success, the outcome. Some of us are compassionate and caring, others of us are more inclined to helping someone take responsibility. Some of us are prayer warriors and others of us are doers (remember Mary and Martha?). Some of us are tillers and planters and waterers and planners and others of us are harvesters and canners. (Ephesians 4) It is knowing how to put us all together to accomplish our goals that is the challenge and the joy of community together. (Read Life Togetherby Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

In conclusion, let me ask you some questions:

Where do you see yourself in the ending of 2018?

What steps do you need to take to be a better yourself and your family or team?

What spiritual life practices will you engage in?


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