When Wounds Become Pathways Part II

By: Edward Hammett in Perseverance, 3 years ago


Wounds are part of life. A skinned knee, a stumped toe, a failed relationship, a workplace that becomes painful, financial distress, a lost opportunity….and the list goes on. Wounds can become pathways to new growth, opportunities when we persevere, become decisive and discover fresh ways of living.

Growth is not always comfortable. Whether financial dreams, relationship desires or attuning ourselves to a higher power and the Divine as a source of guidance. Learning about ourselves typically opens up these new opportunities.

  • What’s keeping you in a painful place?
  • What will move you into fresh paths of growth and opportunity?

Instead of slowing down or stopping when painful times come, persevere! Combine perseverance with prayer and a new openness to what is yet to be! Being open may be the best path to healing. Persevering may be the best way to move down the path of pain to discover the new, the relief and fresh hope and vision. Press on!

  • What helps you press on in the tough days?

                                                                           Be Decisive
Being decisive is really tough for some. Many overthink and experience paralysis by analysis! My challenge is to be decisive. Decide not to analyze but to act! Embrace decision making as a key to new paths and opportunities. Yes, certainly explore the decision with trusted colleagues and friends, but in a way that opens you to the new rather than loops you into analyzing to the point of paralysis. Decide to make decisions that move you forward in faith and function!

  • What clues do you notice that indicates you are about to loop into overthinking?
  • Who are those trusted thought and action partners you can invite into your decision making?

Discover Fresh Ways of Living
Growth is about finding the freshness in life and career. Open to freshness, newness rather than giving into the comfort of routine and familiarity.

  • What will that look like for you?
  • What are the likely benefits of such openness, decisiveness, and perseverance?
  • Freshness brings challenge and abundance of opportunity.

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