When Wounds Become Pathways

By: Edward Hammett in Mindfulness, 3 years ago


Many explain, “Life is tough, careers are tougher”. While life and career bring many opportunities, challenges and rewards, often each can bring wounds of pain, regret, despair, hopelessness or rejection. My journey teaches me that wounds can often become pathways to the next level of growth, understanding and progress. Pain usually is a pathway to our next step. Too often many avoid or run from pain and miss the opportunity for growth and advancement. Here are three paths to notice and consider as possible paths of growth…

1. Life or careers are not intended always to be comfortable or enjoyable. Most of us would love it if our life and career were filled with ‘warm fuzzy experiences of comfort.’ The reality is that does happen some, it does not make up all of life. If it does, then we are too comfortable and likely not growing personally, professionally, spiritually, financially or relationally.

2. Seek support and wise counsel when the tough times come. Wise counsel trusted support and a safe place helps clarity to come from confusion, fear to give way to dreams and hopes. Coaches walk with you/us to provide unconditional, non-judgmental support as we wander through discomfort to a place of clarity and new growth.

3. Stay open and connected to dreams, to wise counsel, to trusted support as personal awareness deepens and faith opens to the unknown with penetrating courage. Increasing personal awareness and mindfulness is essential for entrepreneurs and all who are seeking that next level of expertise, advancement, and hope.

  • What plan do you have in place to ensure personal awareness deepens?
  • What is the strategy for avoiding those personal blind spots that can sabotage dreams, kill momentum and cover you with fears?

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