Cracking the Confidence Code

By: Edward Hammett in Confidence Builder, 3 years ago


“I want to…but I am just not sure I can!” As a coach, I often hear these words from clients who have a desire, others even have a vision, and they lack the confidence to jump and make the dream a reality. What about you?

Many hold on to the comfort and security of what is to the point that many of their dreams never become a reality. Security and comfort trump visions and dreams of working for themselves rather than someone else! I have lived this journey too! I’m sharing how I broke the confidence code that unlocked my dreams and brought deeper meaning to my life and career. How many can you relate to from my code breaker?

1. Creating a dream board to help me visualize my dreams
2. Work with a coach to clarify my dreams enough to write them down along with some realistic dates where I took the jump
3. Creating an exit strategy from my comfortable and secure corporate career to intentionally move into my dream of coaching fulltime
4. Building a support system to hold me accountable, provide partnership in thought, prayer, and planning for the transition
5. Invest time, energy and money in and preparing to birth the dream, rather than using my resources to sustain comfort
6. Acknowledge the new dream and challenge with those interested and ‘in the boat’ with me.
7. Embrace companionship, coaching, and partners who provide encouragement, collaboration, and momentum to move forward
8. Believing in my skills, my training, my experience and my dream/vision is essential in living into confidence and deeper meaning!

Once each piece came into my experience and we worked intentionally, prayerfully to unleash the vision, our creativity the confidence began to break through the crusty soil of self-doubt, discomfort and resistant attitudes. Confidence gave strength; others provided support and commitment to perseverance pulled me into the new. Now I have full coaching practice. The leisure of guiding my schedule, focus and momentum. What a gift once the confidence code breaks through! New appreciation for life, rejuvenated energy for work, and deep gratitude for those who walk with me to jump into the new with clarity, conviction, and confidence!

If you’re struggling with this consider working with an Exoteric coach or consultant to walk with you on the journey. Exoteric exist to make you successful as you learn to live into your vision!

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©Edward Hammett, 2018

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