Great Results from Small Efforts

By: Pamela Van Nest CPCC ACC in Change, 3 years ago


Sometimes it’s the little efforts that create great results.

We have an impressive crab apple tree in our backyard. It grows just a few feet from our back door. Its branches reach up and over our yard twisting and spreading up and out from its twisted and textured trunk.  In early Spring it explodes into a magnificent pink canopy, an abundance of nectar for emerging bees.
As the petals drop, the leaves unfurl and this pink umbrella transforms to a dense green canopy.

For a couple of years by early July the leaves dropped. Yellowed sickly leaves covered the lawn . By August branches were quite bare. A fungus from a nearby red cedar was the culprit. The only cure was to cut down the red cedar, and meticulously rake up and dispose of all the leaves.
It became the job that never got done, even after the cedar tree was long gone. I procrastinated until one summer, instead of ignoring it, I found the fan rake and raked up the leaves. And as prescribed, I put them in a green waste bag. It didn’t take more than a ½ hour and I raked three different times. Each time I felt quite satisfied with the job done.

Last spring, once again, the tree exploded into pink blossoms. I soaked in the exquisite site against the clear blue spring sky. Bees arrived, blossoms faded and the leaves filled in and created that deep green canopy of shade. So far so good. So I waited. Would the leaves stay or drop?

By August, very few leaves have fallen! The canopy was rich, full of lush looking healthier-than-ever green leaves!  No more skeletonized branches, giving us great shade.
One small task made all the difference to the health of that tree and to the quality of life in our back yard.

This spring I am anticipating the blooming of the crab apple tree very soon. I’m again looking forward to seeing the great results from my small efforts.

This got me thinking.

What areas of my life need a little attention?
Where could a little “cleanup attention” create more health, positivity, productivity, even joy?
What was I procrastinating? What was something I was convincing myself would take “too long”?  (Like writing this post!)?

And you?

What could use decluttering, cleanup or attention in your life?
What would move you from surviving to thriving?
How would encouraging, accountability, and support, help start the task?

Coaching could be the tool to prune unwanted and unneeded habits. The habits that strip you of energy, joy or confidence.
Coaching could be the tool that helps “rake up those leaves” and create a healthier environment for your own “back yard”.

Let’s have a conversation and see what’s possible. I’m reachable at [email protected]

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