Peace with Money: What Do You Want?

By: Lorna McLeod in Financial Coaching, 3 years ago




“Having lots of money while not having inner peace is like dying of thirst while bathing in the ocean.”  Paramahansa Yogananda


Peace with money varies greatly from person to person. Some live happily and abundantly with very small amounts of cash money. Others, some who are even millionaires or billionaires, have never learned to be at peace with their wealth. Still others that have a great deal of money do experience happiness and peace with it.


Andrea lives very effectively on about $675.00 net monthly income. She saves 10% and donates 10% to causes she supports. She buys insurance and gas for her car, a supplemental health plan, pays for a cell phone, and uses the rest for food and incidentals. How does she do this? She pays no rent or utilities. Instead, she lives in her car when not housesitting a friend or acquaintance. She counts herself blessed and is wholly at peace with money.


At peace with money now, Steve has net income of just over $7,000 per month, reduced from his career high of nearly $10,000. He hasn’t always been at peace though. For years he was driven by fear that he didn’t have enough. He strove to earn ever greater amounts at the cost of sleep, and his own and his family’s well-being.


Once he realized money was in the driver’s seat he changed things up. He quit working so hard and gave up $3000 per month. With this lifestyle adjustment he is delighted to spend more time with his family. He is happier than he has ever been, knowing his money supports his and his family’s well-being.


Neither of these scenarios would be my choice, yet it works wonderfully for them.


How might you find peace with money?


Points to reflect on:

  • What are my values around money?
  • What would it take for me to live within them?
  • What would peace with money be like for me?
  • What role do I want money to serve for me?
  • What thoughts of scarcity, entitlement or other self-defeating thoughts do I have? Am I willing to change them?
  • What small, sweet steps can I take now toward money peace?
  • What would celebrating milestones – even small ones – do toward greater peace?


My mentor coach, Maria Nemeth, PhD, says, “Financial success is doing what you said you would do, with money, with clarity, focus, ease and grace.”


When I started doing what I said I would do with money, which required clarity of thought and focused action, I became more successful. And, even better, I started to experience calmness and satisfaction with money. This has led to greater peace overall.


Really…what do YOU want with money?


Many of my clients feel at war with money because they never figured out with any clarity what they really want with it. They focus intensely on money, but their focus is on everything wrong with money and very little on what is right.


When we have clarity, we can see what is there before us. Clarity with money begins by looking, eyes wide open, at where you stand financially. This means discovering how much money you have, what you owe, in expenses and debt, and assessing real value of belongings.


Clarity is becoming clear about what you want money to do for you. What is your vision for your life and money? How does it fit your plans for life as a whole? Where do you intend it to come from (in-come)?


Once you have money clarity, focus on what will get what you want. Imagine you want to hit a target with an arrow, but you don’t know which direction to aim. You can focus all you want, but until you know where the target is, you’d likely miss it.


So too with money aims. Unless you are clear where you are aiming and focus on steps to get there, you are likely to miss. Staying true to the path, even when there are distractions, takes focus. You will discover obstacles or challenges to overcome.


The more obstacles you clear away, the more you’ll experience success. This contributes to ease. But only if you let it. There is grace in keeping your word – knowing what you want and pursuing it with clear intention and integrity.


So, really! What do YOU want with your money?


If clarity and peace are among the things you want, include them in your vision and your plans.


If you would like to explore greater peace with money, you can reach me at my contact information below.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Lorna McLeod, Certified Financial Coach

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