Hidden Life Within

By: Lisa Wiebe MA in Personal Growth, 3 years ago


Hidden Life Within

Some days I marvel at how we insert our agendas, opinions and desires into conversations. It can feel like work to have our ideas heard. In these moments, I feel exhausted. The fire in my belly extinguished.

What is missing?

A circle of trust where you can show up as yourself. A place where you can explore deep questions that reveal there is more inside than you experience in daily conversations. A way to tap into the life force that reveals itself at births and deaths. The moments in life that make time stop and you focus on the meaning of life.

What do I mean by a circle of trust?

For the last nine years I’ve belonged to a circle of individuals that get together for one hour a month to explore open questions designed to tap into the deep life that is in you. Some people call it your inner teacher. Others call it your being. No matter the name for it, everyone has access to inner wisdom.

The process for creating a circle of trust is simple.

  • Reach out to people you think are interesting and might share your interest in knowing themselves better.
  • Set ground rules: Listen. No sharing of advice or opinions. Simple receive the person and what is true for them today. This can be harder than you think!
  • Share Leadership: Everyone takes their turn to prepare the questions to send out to the circle members. Then they set-up the call and animate the conversation.
  • Agenda for the call: check-in, take a few minutes for silence after check-in so everyone prepares to listen, share one at a time what has been prepared – not just talking off the top of their head, and then close with “What is new?”
  • Ask open ended questions: 48 hours before the call the prepared theme and questions are sent out by the individual responsible for the upcoming circle.
  • Preparation: Each member writes or creates a creative expression to explore the question in their life.

Your opened ended questions can follow a theme you want to explore or be wide open like:

  • What makes me feel alive?
    • It can be a relationship, a group experience, or something I do by myself.
  • Are there times I find myself shying away from showing up?
    • Do I know why?

What did you discover?

Interested in exploring more? Contact me.

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