Hidden in the Wings

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Hidden In The Wings
There once lived a patron of the arts. To indulge his fondness for small song birds, he commissioned a local artist for a drawing of a canary. His only request was that the finished work should be unique and impressive. Humbly, the artist accepted the job and asked that the man return in two months to pick up the finished drawing.

The wealthy man gave the artist his requested two months but was turned away when he came to collect on his work; this same thing happened repeatedly for an entire year.

One day, the frustrated man barged into the art studio and demanded to see the progress of his artwork, insisting that he had waited far too long for one simple drawing. The artist calmly walked over to his work table and in one breath he easily drew a perfect canary.

The little bird was delicate and graceful, yet splendid on the page — it was the most amazing image that the man had ever seen. He stood, astonished… then rage swept over his face and he turned on the artist:
“Why did you keep turning me away when you were capable of drawing this so quickly? Why would you insult me and keep me waiting for an entire year?!”

Without saying a word, the artist walked over to a small closet door in his studio and, after hesitating for a moment, flung it open. Drawings of canaries tumbled out of the closet, all slightly different – some unfinished, some too ornate or unbalanced – all discarded over the past year as rough work on the path to perfection.

In that moment, the man recognized that the closet held the dedication and commitment which the artist had practiced to make his work look easy, held fast in the wings of discarded, little canaries.

Sent to me by my friend and former client Lynne Mois of Rawls Realty.

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