The Art of Delegation – 4 Cornerstones Forming a Leadership Foundation

By: Lynn Anderson in delegation, 3 years ago


I’ve found in the business world that women have a hard time delegating activities or work to others (including me sometimes!).   “I can do it myself faster.” Or “I volunteered to help so I will do the work.”   However, the sad truth is that leaders inspire and motivate others to use their strengths to get the work done.  They also lead by example so delegation is a strong foundation of leadership which should be mastered.   Even if we feel uncomfortable doing so, delegation helps us grow just as much as it helps others to grow.

Why is this so?  I’d like to think that these four cornerstones form a solid foundation on why it’s important to practice the art of delegation:

  1. Mentoring. Delegation helps to teach you how to mentor and grow others.  If you are doing all the work yourself than those who are more junior then you will next get the chance or experience to find out how to do what you are doing.  Some of the best examples of leadership are being able to help support and grow others.
  2. Decision Making.  As a leader we can be faced with all types of decisions every day.  If we don’t learn the art of delegation, we can overload ourselves and not allow us to have the time to see solutions and seek out strategies to support your mission.   Learning how to effectively delegate work helps you to grow your decision making skills regarding who is best suited to get the work accomplished and how much work is enough work for those you lead.
  3. Inspiring Confidence. When you delegate work to others around you, you are letting them know that you respect and trust them to get the work done and get it done effectively.   If you micro-manage them or try to do it all yourself, you are not showing confidence in those around you.   As a leader you want to build and inspire that confidence in all those on your team and not just the ones that you believe can get the work done the fastest.  Sometimes allowing those that have the most to gain from the experience inspires real confidence and conviction.
  4. Peace of Mind. You might think this reaction is counter intuitive; that if you feel you can do it than you will have peace of mind.  However, if you just keep doing and doing and not taking the time to observe and listen, then as a leader you are doing a big disservice to yourself.  You actually are causing additional stress in your work life balance, not less in the long run.  By overloading yourself, you compound stress and in fact do not show peace of mind.   It might take a time or two to allow yourself to feel more comfortable with the process, but in the long run by cultivating others, you are giving yourself not only back up resources but overall peace of mind that when you are gone or on vacation there are others who can do the work.   Also, you will have more time to observe and really see what is happening around you which in the end can give you greater peace of mind to observe challenges before they happen.  If you are too busy, you might miss the challenges that could cause disasters.  Why not observe and find solutions before that happens?

I know for me, it seemed way easier to try and do it myself thinking that I was being pro-active rather than re-active.  How wrong I was!  What really happened was that I become overworked, overwhelmed, and overtasked (really caused by my inability to lead my life and learn the power of delegation).   Once I was able to see how powerful the art of delegation could be for all those around me, how important it was to motivate and inspire others, and what a critical key to have some time for thoughts and observations rather than constantly just doing, I was able to see solutions, strategy and success in my life and my career.   Learning the power of delegation and allowing others to shine will most certainly make you a powerful Woman Warrior and leader in your life!   You can practice it at home as well as at work and reap the benefits.   Trust in others, trust in yourself, and trust that collaboration and delegation go hand in hand.   See the strengths others have and help to empower them in the process.

Be a Woman Warrior!   Be a Leader in Your Life.   To learn more or if you need help with this issue or other business challenges, feel free to check out my 90 Day Business Challenge, Leadership Development or Laser Coaching sessions.   I’d love to help you develop your customer focused servant mindset and see the impact this has on your business.  Visit me at:


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