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By: Susie Young-Tatum in courseware, 11 months ago

10451I’ve been with Exoteric for two years. When I first joined Exoteric it was a ground floor company with a huge vision that Linton had just put a name to. Linton Johnson had tapped into the professional coaching network while looking for trainers and coaches for network marketing entrepreneurs.

As coach after coach began referring each other to the membership of Exoteric, Linton took time to get to know each person, and to talk about his vision. Relationship building was a key component on the success for why 350 plus coaches and consultants joined him the first year. Linton’s passion for wanting to provide “every day people” with the opportunity to be served by coaches evolved into what today is an amazing group of professional coaches and consultants ready to serve others through their gigs and/or courseware on the eLearning platform.

I knew when I became a member of Exoteric that I would be surrounded by masterful coaches that I could learn and grow from. Through the last two years I’ve been involved in the Standards Committee, assuring that as Exoteric grew, the quality of the coaches and consultants had a foundation based on principles of integrity. For Coaches, we follow the Standards and Ethics of ICF (International Coach Federation). I was also part of the Business Development Committee, and Strategic Planning Committee. I’ve watched up-close the twists and turns in the journey of building this community. It is the values and principles that keeps us on the road of success while overcoming obstacles and expanding to one of the largest community of coaches in the world serving others. As in any new company, as it grows there are things to let go of, and ideas that need to be greater developed. There have been components, such as blogging in EXOit, compensation for referring others, or providing a place to distribute courseware added to Exoteric, helping the coaches and consultants serve their clients.

The relationships I’ve established because of Exoteric have been priceless. I’ve worked with highly skilled coaches and consultants in the Exoteric community by co-creating courseware, team building; we’ve participated in mastermind groups, leadership forums, one on one coaching, and to top it off, my own coaching practice has grown. I’m a better coach because of this community.

I am thankful for the relationships I have within the Exoteric Community. I’m thankful for Exoteric.

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  1. Mark Thomas

    This is what Exoteric is all about.

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    • Susie Young-Tatum

      Agree, Mark.

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  2. Will Wiebe BA MS CPC

    Susie…. what a powerful story and journey! I’m in deep gratitude for the amazing coaches and consultants that are on this incredible adventure with us. The relationship we have forged continue to grow and strengthen each minute. I’m honored that I have this opportunity to share my gifts and talents with the Exoteric Coaching /Consulting Community of experts.

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    • Susie Young-Tatum

      It’s been quite a journey, Will. It’s been a gift to work with you. You are one of the masterful coaches I spoke of in the article. Thank you.

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  3. Adam G Fleming

    Thanks for sharing this Susie. You’re motivating everyone to stay the course, and I appreciate that!

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    • Susie Young-Tatum

      Thank you, Adam. We all have an opportunity to thrive and enjoy the benefits of our labor from here on. I appreciate you.

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  4. Will Wiebe BA MS CPC

    Susie… thank you for your kind words!

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