Customer Focused Servant Mindset

By: Lynn Anderson in Business Owners, 3 years ago


As a leader in developing a strategy for business success, I highly encourage my clients to follow the customer centric approach to doing business.   What are you doing to listen to your customers, or what your customers of the future might want with your business or service?   Are you actively listening to what they are telling you or pushing your agenda first?

The same is true with your employees.  Are you listening to what motivates and drives them?   In essence, you are serving them as well.   With a servant focused mindset, you will be in a much better position to serve your market, your employees and the needs of your business.

Here are three simple steps I like to use to help keep me focused on what my customer’s needs are:

  1. Listen – Listen intently to what they are saying to you. Are they frustrated with a product, approach, or staff member? What types of services are they looking for?  What would help make their life / business run more smoothly?   What are they wanting more of (or less of)?   Listening can take on many forms.  Not just listening to the conversations directly with you but what they are telling others, what they are posting or sharing, what they are not saying.
  2. Appreciate – Without customers and employees, like as a business owner would be pretty boring and certainly not too successful. Appreciate even the “worst” customer because they are telling you things others might be too afraid to tell you and they help put the great customers in perspective.   Appreciate any and all feedback as you learn and grow your business.   Appreciate that you can serve them and can continue to improve the way you serve them.   When you come from a place of appreciation (or gratitude), you gain not only great insights but powerful energy that can drive yourself and your business forward.
  3. Follow Through – Follow up every single time someone reaches out, posts a question, provides feedback (good or bad), or connects with you (and/or your company). It should be one of your highest priorities and really nothing else (except #1 & #2 above) should be more important.   According to statistics, only 48% of individuals even follow up (just once) with a prospect.   Also, over 91% of customers say they would give referrals if asked.  So why not ask?  Why not follow up and follow through?  When you follow up with customers whether it’s to ask for a referral, get positive or negative reviews, or to understand their experiences in interacting with your business, you are telling them you care about what they think and their input. This genuine interest in what they have to “say” will bring them back because it’s rare to find a company that really takes the time, energy and interest in what their customers think.   Be the one that stands out.  Be bold, ask, and follow through on the recommendations.

When you listen, appreciate, and follow through, you show others you care about them and what they think.   Who wouldn’t want to have a relationship with someone who listens, appreciates and follows through?  I know the best marriages, friendships and business relationships are built on this simple process.    Is your business worth this investment?  I surely hope so.   I highly encourage you to focus on these principals before investing in anything else and see where this process takes you.

Be a Woman Warrior!   Be a Leader in Your Life.   To learn more or if you need help with this issue or other business challenges, feel free to check out my 90 Day Business Challenge, Leadership Development or Laser Coaching sessions.   I’d love to help you develop your customer focused servant mindset and see the impact this has on your business.  Visit me at:



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