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In the midst of trying to find balance in our days, a yearning for more meaningful connections can tug at us. Desire for deeper connections with people who ‘get us’ can catch us off guard and leave us feeling lonely despite our demandingly busy life.  Loneliness can actually hurt your heart and increase the risk of a stroke.

A simple process of self-inquiry can lead you to important discoveries by bringing a light to why we are feeling lonely. Ask yourself, “Am I the captain of my ship facing the vagaries of the wind all alone?” Or, “Am I in a ship filled with people who help each other face unpredictable storms of life?” Close your eyes and hold the questions long enough for an answer to emerge that you FEEL in your body rather than quickly answer with your mind.

The beautiful words of Teilhard de Chardin below express what emerges for me while sitting with the questions. I allowed myself enough time to let quick answers float by so a deeper yearning in me is revealed.

There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others

who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of

the friendship between those engaged in furthering

the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.

 A quickening of my heart fills my chest with energy as I am lifted out of the ordinariness of my busy day.  Recognizing the quality of that which is impossible to describe within allows me to take in the wonders of my life and friendships while acknowledging an aspiration to express a larger vision in my life with others. In connecting with others who share the same vision, I recognize that more of who I am will be actualized because with others I experience more parts of me coming to life. Now I have something new to further explore with questions aimed at self-discovery.

What did you discover?

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Chardin, T. (1965). The Phenomenon of Man. Harper & Row. New York.

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