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A Spice Girls song title from the 90’s comes to mind when making decisions that affect our business, our careers, and our lives. Sometimes it’s hard enough just to figure out the best way to navigate traffic in the morning, where to go for dinner, or how to prioritize when the unexpected shows up.

What Do I Really, Really Want? If we dig deeper, there are the not “so easy questions” that can keep us stuck or wondering what’s next. Do I accept that promotion? Or, do I stay in my chosen field? Do I take my business in a new direction? What do I want to do after 30 years in the same job?

Values Reveal the Path to What You Really Want. Values are no longer just for corporate walls. They become our north star in a world where change and transition are routine. The question isn’t “what do I want?” A better question, the one that will carry you forward is, “why do I want it?” Unfortunately, many of us, after years of living up to the expectations of our companies, running a business, and supporting our families have lost sight of the “why?” Values not only help you to rediscover and reinforce your “why,” they can:

• Accelerate your progress when faced with work and life-altering situations
• Move you out of “stuck” when you don’t know what to do next
• Give you greater confidence on the right path to choose and
• Help you gain the commitment and trust of others to support your efforts and if needed, join others along the way.

Ready to Answer Why vs. What You Really, Really Want? Try the Core Values Index™. A proven and reliable self-assessment with a 94% retest accuracy, it will shed light on how you can make your greatest contribution in the world, your preferred way to learn or how you deal with conflict. It is also a great way to better understand and help your team or family members act on their dreams and navigate change as well.

Before Asking “What Do I Really, Really Want?,” look to BB King. His song, “Why I Sing the Blues,” might give you some inspiration for what’s next in your business, career or life.

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