Are YOU a Courageous Marketer? 10 Steps to Test Yourself!

By: Gloria Manchester in 90 Day Challenge, 3 years ago


Are you a courageous marketer? What would it take from you to test your courage, take a risk? Are you willing to make a mistake and learn from it, do it much better the next time?

Courage isn’t being fearless in the face of challenge. It is trusting the inherent strength within you to meet it.  

Here are 10 steps to test your courage:

  • Go through your contacts and find 5-10 people you are willing to call to invite them to join your cause, business, or service. Whatever idea you have, you start looking to see who may be a good candidate
  • Find a mirror to put in front of you to see your face, are you smiling?
  • Write down your clear intention (your goal) for these calls – EX. To communicate the excitement and passion I have about EXO or whatever you’re selling, and share it with my contacts, providing them an opportunity to acquire another stream of income
  • Sit down taking in a deep breath
  • Create a call to action – next step
  • Start calling. Take a risk. Connect and communicate your passion for what you have to offer
  • Run through your offer, remember people don’t buy what you sell, they buy what you’re passionate about.
  • Listen to connect with them so you hear their buying cues
  • Be grateful for the opportunity to be building a business (this is America)
  • Give yourself a high five, you’re still breathing, right?

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC is a life and leadership coach, a personality and sales trainer, and a published author.


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