Harnessing the Power of Your Network

By: Lynn Anderson in 90 Day Challenge, 3 years ago


As a small business owner (and leader in your life), harnessing the power of your network is essential to your success.   However, before harnessing (or I like to call it harvesting) you must seed, water and nourish, and then harvest your results to realize its power.  Just like a garden in the spring, the fruit of your harvest is based on the tiny but necessary steps you perform throughout the year to seed, water, nourish, and then reap your rewards.

Ask yourself these simple questions to see how you are progressing in harnessing the power of your network:

  1. What new seeds are you planting each day to create a robust network? What seeds do you need to add to your network to make help it thrive?
  2. How are you nourishing your network? What types of tips, advice, or information are you sharing with your network to keep them alive and connected with you?   What life blood / insights are you providing to help cultivate the growth of your network (and the networks of others around you)?
  3. How regular are you interacting / connecting with your network? Just like plants need the right water and nutrients on a regular basis, your network needs to be connected to you consistently.  You never really know when you will need your network or your network will need you, but connecting on a regular basis ensures you are top of mind regardless of when or where key advice is needed.  Also, giving more than receiving supports the desire of your network to support you when you need it the most.

When you continue to plant new seeds, nourish your connections, and provide support throughout the year, the power of your network can only then be harnessed, helping to grow your business organically, and vibrantly.  This powerful ecosystem can then be harnessed into a successful enterprise.

If you need help with this issue or other business challenges, feel free to check out my 90 Day Business Challenge or Laser Coaching sessions.   I’d love to help you harness the power of your network and grow your business into a thriving well-groomed field of success.

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