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“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer” Albert Camus


You Are Empowerful!


I was thinking about the word, Transformation…and how we as people all seem to have a place we want to expand to, transform to…..that we all have a future desired state. This is not to discount the gratitude of being in the NOW moment, and being delighted with “how far we have come” all the obstacles we have jumped over, plowed through…to have more and more of our actualized selves, be transformed, be visible, be naked as our true selves, no longer cloaked in “shoulds” or ought to’s”

It reminds me of that episode on the Twilight Zone “In The Eye of The Beholder” A young woman lying in a hospital bed, her head wrapped in bandages, awaits the outcome of a surgical procedure performed

by the State in a last-ditch attempt to make her look “normal”


We wonder, why would this beautiful woman, want to look like the monsters…but to her, she was the monster…we all have an inner critic inside, sometimes the voice is loud, sometimes smaller…but we can thank it…IT has become our catalyst for transformation, it has become the voice we shush…so we can get quiet to hear the love of our inner ally…the true sweet voice of whom we really are…and that PhD. of brilliance, that expert in you, IS YOU!

I have an Inner Critic named “Outie” and she is a little vixen…who tantalizes my prefrontal cortex with…oh, you need to do this or that, before you can position yourself as a successful Coach. You must look OUTside yourself…You must read this persons book, study with that Guru, spend years and years reading all external stuff, before I can set up a shingle & call myself Coach.


Can you relate?

I have clients that come to me, because they too want a future desired state of being…and they are looking for someone to help, to fix it, sometimes even tell them, and lead them into their greatest yet to be.

A powerful “lesson” I have gleaned as a Coach, is that if I hold my clients to be the experts of their own lives, that not me or anyone can tell them what they should do, it is that inner wisdom, that inner ally, that will lead them well…and I am not discounting the HUGE value in spending time in coaching…if I can illumine the pathway that leads right back into their own inner wisdom…that being still and truly listening to your brilliant inner knowing, embracing that all of the universal wisdom of the cosmos is all available inside of you…that this is the truth of whom you really are. And that all of the books, libraries of knowledge, course, events, Ted talks, though informative…A more powerful and definitive action to take, is to go within…it’s all YOU…just tap into your divine intelligence & you don’t need to go to any other nourishment…you can self-nourish with the gift that is you!

The transformation, is the shedding of “other than” the transformation is no longer looking outside of self, the transformation is embracing that YOU are Empowerful™ & you have always had the power…click your heels and come home to self…come home to where you feel good, nourished, and cozy…it’s like you have always been the warm cozy hearth…and you stepped outside into the outside environment & became a sleep walker. Open the door, come back within…it is the most glorious place…this is the transformation.


Breathe…exhale….peace be still…home.

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