TIME FOR BEING… A Means for Creating Awareness of and Connection with One’s Being

By: Will Wiebe BA MS CPC in Personal Growth, 3 years ago


TIME FOR BEING…A Means for Creating Awareness of and Connection with One’s Being


“A Time for Being could be described as a rejuvenating bath that restores something of the original freshness and gentle strength of the being, which you need in order to live daily life with vigor, to build authentic relationships, and face the unpredictable challenges of your commitments…”

Andrea Rochais – PRH (Personality and Human Relationships,  Founder, .Author


Emergence of the being is the key factor in ones personal growth.  The being anchors the personality for challenges of life and inspires the individual to pursue their deep interior growth.


Times for Being are times of contemplation when you allow yourself to descend deeply into your experience of your inner positive self.  In solitude and silence, you connect directly with the positive realities in yourself.  You can experience with new assurance your true identity, as well as savor the happiness of being who you are today.


When you experience a Time for Being it is possible for you to experience:

  • Certitudes of your being or emergence of new realities in your being
  • The dynamism of essential activities that give meaning to your life
  • The life-giving nature of your essential bonds
  • Openness to an interior awareness of a “reality greater than me”


Attitudes that support the on-going exploration of your being:

  • The desire to embrace your authentic truth and to live it fully
  • The determination to progress toward freedom in expressing your unique self
  • The humility to become aware of your qualities, gifts, limitations, and vulnerabilities


Three essential elements for personal growth:

  • Live-giving relationship that invite you to be who you are in the best of yourself.  These are relationships that inspire you and awaken your desire to be yourself.
  • Affirmation of your positivity identity and of your motivations to make decisions that are both coherent with your being and faithful to your deep conscience.
  • Conscious awareness and direct experience of the realities of your being and its vitality.


Key Reflection Questions:

In the last 24 hours:

  • When did I express a “Time for Being?”
  • How did I confirm and progress forward toward freedom in expressing my unique self?
  • Did I experience a fulfillment of my being in my work?
  • What activities inspired me, or provided me a sense of purpose, meaning, peace, celebration, gratitude, conscious awareness of the realities of my being and its vitality?

As you spend time with one or more of these reflection questions, describe your insights and discoveries and how you will integrate your new awareness of your being. Focus your awareness inside of yourself, to an area where you find calm and ease.  Be gentle, locate a positive sensation(s), accept yourself as you are today and take all the time you need.

If you would like to explore, confirm and  express your gifts, don’t hesitate to contact me at www.ExotericLiving.com or see my other contact information below:  I look forward to hearing from you.


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