Perseverance Pays!

By: Edward Hammett in Confidence Builder, 3 years ago


  • “What does it take to be successful?”
    • “How do people retire early and continue to thrive?”
    • “What does it look like to persevere for you?”

These are questions many of us consider. Pursuing answers to these three questions are essential for those who want to achieve dreams, capture opportunities and turn opportunities into fulfilling and fruit-bearing realities! Perseverance is key…. Pressing on through fears, steep learning curves and criticism from others are essential for entrepreneurs. Learning to believe in yourself and your dream is critical to achieving success! What does perseverance look like for you? What have you learned about perseverance from your mentors?

Perseverance has three critical pieces for me and my journey:
1. Perseverance is about passion
When passion comes, it is all you think about. Passion is consuming of one’s thoughts, prayers, reading, experimenting, and conversations. If you’re not captivated by a dream, let those thoughts go and find what really captures your passion, your heart, your thought life and areas of experimentation. Passions become clear the more they are nurtured and kneaded in the course of daily life.
2. Perseverance is about focus
Until one discovers and practices focus not much, out of the ordinary happens in life or career. When the focus is achieved and is rooted in one’s passion momentum, excitement, energy, and creativity emerge consistently. Find others who share your focus. Create a think tank so each of you, and you as a team can become ‘thought leaders’ as entrepreneurs birthing the dream that captivates your heart!
3. Perseverance is about intentional continuity
Intentionality is the key driver of passion and focus! Distractions are everywhere for everyone. Intentional focus is a way of moving away from distractions to your destiny! Distractions only kill momentum, energy, and excitement. Learning to preserve and press through fears, distractions and learning curves goes with the territory of entrepreneurs! This passion is the essence that caused Linton Johnson, CEO of Exoteric, to birth Exoteric Living! Our goals are to provide support services through coaching, courseware, blog and support networks to ensure focused, persevering, passionate entrepreneurs, see their dreams come to life. We are the ‘one stop shop’ for entrepreneurs. You don’t have to look any further… Exoteric Living is here for you! I’d love to support your journey as coach committed to your agenda! We’ll nurture your dream, confidence and focus together. Email me at [email protected] or check out my profile on the Exoteric Living website. Let’s start today!

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