Coaching the GIG Players!

By: Gloria Manchester in Business Coach, 3 years ago


If you have an idea that you believe has potential, there has never been a more opportune time to get it started. In 2017, 15.8% of Americans were employed doing alternative work and a great number of these are part of the “gig” economy. Let your ideas flow! 

According to an article in Innovation Magazine,  while the “gig” business might be the driving economic influence for decades to come, it’s about to evolve—and one platform called Swarmsales may be the forerunner of what’s to come. is another brilliant idea, leading the way to match coaches with entrepreneurs.

Whether you are driving for Uber, you have an idea you want to monetize, you are a network marketer, or provider of any service, you would benefit greatly by hiring a professional business success coach. If you want to thrive and achieve prosperity in whatever you’re doing, an exceptional coach or coaching course will help propel you forward.

According to International Coach Federation (ICF), coaching can bring results 7X the investment you make in it. If you are ready to reach your optimum potential, this is the way to do it.

You can connect directly with Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC, life and prosperity coach, certified in Conversational Intelligence® and New Money Story®, personality science trainer, sales trainer, and author.



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