Reboot Your Gut-Your Health-Your Life!

By: Gloria Manchester in fit, 3 years ago


Do you know what chemicals you’re putting in your body each day? I believe in living prosperity-minded, mind, body and spirit.

Part of growing in my personal development was to explore what food I am consuming that can destroy my GUT. My GUT is my 6th brain.  If you find yourself with some belly fat, I have the prescription for you, and by doing it, you can support a teenage girl who has been bullied or sexually abused to go through an amazing coaching program for free.

CARTE (Child Abuse Resolved through Education), a 501c3 and Purium, a clean food company, have joined forces to let people know how important keeping a clean GUT is to your overall health and wellness. CARTE produces STARR Life and Leadership for at-risk teen girls.

By going to the Purium site, and purchasing a product of at least $75, you get our $50 gift card to use for your purchase by using STARR as your coupon code or gift card code. – 20% of every purchase goes to CARTE for STARR.

With the rising cost of healthcare, doesn’t it make sense to do everything you can to prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart, and cancer, or at least place the odds in your favor?

Please, take care of your GUT. I want you healthy, sharing your gifts with the world.

Gloria Manchester, ICF-ACC is a life and prosperity coach, certified in Conversational Intelligence® and many other disciplines. She is an author and an EXOTERIC Founding Coach.



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