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To be born is to be chosen.  No one is here by accident.  Each one of us was sent here for a special destiny.  When you consider the moment of conception, there are endless possibilities.  Yet, in most cases, only one child is conceived. This seems to suggest that a certain selectivity is already at work.

Your identity was not offered for your choosing.  In other words, a special destiny was prepared for you.  However, you were also given freedom and creativity to go beyond the given, to make a new set of relationships and to forge an ever new identity and to unlock your gift, your purpose.


-John O’Donohue – Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom


The power in purpose means unlocking our gifts – those of which we’re already aware and are motivated to master and those that are emerging that we would like to try to explore.

We each process gifts, strengths and natural talents.  This assumption has been proven true for everyone I have coached over the years of my coaching practice.  Everyone is gifted in some way.  Many of us might deny that this is the case simply because we have focused on our weaknesses rather than our strengths.  I feel strongly that the power behind our purpose is knowing and using our most-enjoyed gifts.

Confirm your gifts….  Unlocking your gifts also means overcoming any arrogance that may exaggerate our own gifts that the expense of the gifts of others.  Our gifts are self-evident.

The idea that we should find fulfillment in our work is one that may individuals feel ambivalent about, both accepting and questioning.  Yet, for me, it seems to make sense that when I do my best and what I enjoy most, and when I use my gifts, I truly find my work most fulfilling.

When my work is not aligned with what I need an enjoy in basic ways, challenges in other areas of my life begin to emerge.  The mental and physical costs of personal frustration and stress can be high.

For most of us, the community in which we live is rich with possibilities for expressing our “GIFTS”.  It is my experience that to unlock my purpose, I need to detect – to sense – the potential issues that call me to a meaningful action and live essential core values that are life giving.

Recently, one of my coaching clients was sharing his value of “Listening” every day to his team mates at work.  He felt that his gift of   “Emphatic Listening” was at the core of creating and building relationships with his team.

My client’s  goal was to live as a whole person, integrated in mind, body and spirit, with the natural curiosity and enthusiasm for life – SHARING, CARING, LISTENING, LOVING. This is his day to day mantra. One of the last things my client shared with me during out last coaching session was that each evening before he retires, he says a prayer that he will be able to listen to someone tomorrow.  It was clear…  he had certainly “Unlocked” one of his gifts.

It was clear to me that my client has created a spirituality of work that brings life and livelihood together.  And a spirit with them, which  means living in depth, living with meaning, purpose, joy, and a sense of contribution to the greater community.

Key Reflection Questions:

In the last 24 hours:

  • How am I unlocking my gifts?
  • How did I confirm my gifts, strengths, talents?
  • Did I experience a fulfillment as I unlocked or as I am in process of unlocking my gifts?
  • What activities inspired me, or provided me a sense of purpose, meaning, peace, celebration, gratitude, or satisfaction as I expressed my gifts?

As you spend time with one or more of these reflection questions, describe your insights and discoveries and how you will integrate your new awareness of your being. Focus your awareness inside of yourself, to an area where you find calm and ease.  Be gentle, locate a positive sensation(s), accept yourself as you are today and take all the time you need.

If you would like to explore, confirm and  express your gifts, don’t hesitate to contact me at www.ExotericLiving.com or see my other contact information below:  I look forward to hearing from you.

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