Rising Up to Achieve Your Life’s Destiny

By: Lynn Anderson in business leader, 3 years ago


As I prepare for the Easter Holiday and rejoice in all the wonders our risen Lord has provided me, I can’t help but see the parallels that his teachings have on the success of my life.  In reflecting on these simple truths, I know they can not only make me a better person but also a better leader in my life.

I challenge each of us to live boldly each and every day, by answering these three (3) simple questions.  Whether you are celebrating Easter, Passover, or just the fact you are a living and breathing soul, I think these questions can have a profound impact in your life and the lives of those around you.

Question #1 – What am I rising up to? As you rise up each day, ask yourself this question and give yourself a few minutes to reflect on that intention for the day.   Are you rising up to enjoy more happiness, success, or a more positive perspective?   I love to give myself permission to dream big and rise up to what I aspire to that day.  Today I’m rising up to enjoy the small things & appreciate them for what they are, a Golden Opportunity!

Question #2 – What is one thing I can do to move one step closer to that which I aspire to do (rise up to do)?  Maybe to have a more positive perspective, I would appreciate and thank one person I come in contact with today.  If I’m looking for success, perhaps I would reach out to one potential client or create a new business contact.  Since I’m enjoying the small things, I will savor the time I have with my family during dinner tonight and be present in the conversation!   I’m sure there will be many golden nuggets provided to me with this focus.

At the end of the day ask yourself this question:

Question #3 – How did it feel to achieve that one small step and to rise up today?   I’m sure if you take this to heart, you will be amazed at how exhilarating achieving this small feat will be for you.   I can’t wait to achieve my step and celebrate the success and impact it will have in “rising up” during my day!  What about you?    I’d love to hear what you are rising up to and how it went for you!

Giving thanks for our many blessings and celebrating our rising up achievements can truly have an impact on our lives.  When you not only challenge yourself but do so in a positive way asking to take only one small step which you can surely achieve, you are well on your way to a lifetime filled with success, reaching your destiny.  You are amazing.

Keep moving forward and you will see the incredible results of your personal journey just as Jesus did with his.  I’m giving thanks to our risen Lord this week/weekend and to you for rising up each and every day!    I am a woman warrior; I’m a leader in my life.   I can’t wait to see what plans are in front of me when I “rise up” to live my destiny!  I hope you do as well.

Happy & Blessed Easter Everyone!


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