Why are Caregiver’s uncomfortable with self-care?

By: Edward Smink in caregivers, 3 years ago

In a soon to be published book The Soul of Caregiving: A Caregiver’s Guide to Healing and Transformation, Ed Smink explores this quandary.by asking the caregiver to accompany him on a journey, a reflective pilgrimage, where the caregiver discovers that the guide he or she seeks is an internal one, his or her soul. Why the pomegranate?¬† An ancient symbol of fertility and charity, where it gives of its self for another. Hence the tagline of the book ” As the pomegranate reveals its inner secrets in due season, so too does Soul refresh with insights and wisdom. Each of the 10 chapters is a rest stop on the journey, an oasis so to speak, asking a particular question. The dilemma facing the caregiver is the tension between self care and hyperactivity, which I call the Dance of Caregiving. Asking the question what is soul, challenges the caregiver to examine his or her inner strengths that support and guide. Balancing one’s professional skills along with one’s humanity is the subject of chapter three. Using one’s imagination in being creative asks the question of discovering or reclaiming one’s passion through the discovery of different archetypal underpinnings of one’s particular profession. Chapter five asks the care caregiver if he or she understands the ancient rules hospitality, of welcoming the host, of listening to their stories, and finally being able to explore or be hospitable to one’s reactions and inner stirrings of one’s soul. Chapter six acknowledges that we as caregivers while doing sacred or godly work, are not gods. We have¬† limitations. At the same time we acknowledge our gifts and skills as we realize we are wounded healers. Chapter seven asks us to tend our soul’s garden and introduces us to a practice we do almost unconsciously, that is to reflect..Chapter eight we pose the question, “What is spirituality and is caregiving a spiritual practice. And if it is so, then how do we in Chapter nine develop a spiritual practice of caregiving that sustains us and supports compassion resilience instead of compassion fatigue. Do you suffer from compassion fatigue is a question to ponder in Chapter ten. All caregivers suffer from compassion fatigue because they care. Remarkable! Learning how to build resilience is the task at hand.

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