Powerful Creative Questions

By: Jim Wadford in coaching, 3 years ago


Powerful creative questions are those inquiries, which request from the speaker additional information. These questions are powerful in that they take on an appreciative approach. They are worded or formed in a way to make the speaker have to be creative in their response. They are not “yes” or “no” answered questions. The person must respond with additional information, which enhances communication.

Powerful Creative Questions are the most important tool for listening and coaching others in their business development.  Coaches use questions to express their curiosity and to empower their clients to become more curious in their exploration of their present situation. Powerful Creative Questions are framed positively when used and are open-ended rather than closed.  They help the client to discover the who, what, when, where, and how in their journey.  Questions appropriately used will assist the client in brainstorming and allow them to tell their story.  Finally, questions are an invitation for multiple answers rather than seeking just one, “right” answer.

There are several uses for Powerful Creative Questions like,

  1. To gather deleted information in the conversation
  2. To clarify information that might be cloudy
  3. To keep the flow of the conversation moving
  4. To encourage the client to tell their story
  5. To gather free and public information
  6. To promote personal discovery and dreaming
  7. To begin designing the next steps of action.

A great coach uses questions in every session and relies on the Powerful Creative Questions to keep the coaching conversation on track.  Questions are an excellent tool for every type of coaching scenario.  Therefore, make a new commitment to yourself and your client to practice Powerful Creative Questions.

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